Nilson : at least, he discloses the name of his partner

Published on 18.12.2011 - Climate Neutral Pole 2 Pole

For the first time since he has travelled to Novolazarevskaya and since he is moving towards the Pole, Swedish cyclist Johan Ernst Nislon has given us the name of his partner. He is Norwegian and is called Knut Skarpeteig.

Excerpts from his diary (the most interesting one is the one dated 13 December because we can discover that day how important are the likenessess between his important person and the feats of the great Roald Amundsen !) :

18 December : 4 days of hard wind : Today it's day 4 inside the tent. We are starting to get frustrated by not doing any kilommeters. Yesterday the door to the tent broke down and we had to work together fast in the strong wind to repair it. Now we are stand by for better weather and hope to move soon. We are glad that the whole tent did not break down. That would have been the end of the expedition. Now we are focusing on getting started.

17 December : Hurricane in Antarctica! : It sounds like a jetplane is flying by outside my tent. The tent is flapping so hard that sounds like gun shots. We can barely talk, we have to scream to each other to be heard. We called the closest base and they had meassured 38 m\s. That is not storm, that is hurricane. This is the 3rd day inside the the tent waiting for the hurricane to pass. I must say that its impressive that the tent can take these winds. Knock on wood!

13 December : Amundsen 100 anniversary : Today 100 years ago Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole after a long fight against cold and hunger. Today Im here in Antarctica to give a homage to this great explorer. He was a proud member of The Explorers Club just like me and also had Zenith as a sponsor. I have with me a special edition watch just like Amundsen had with him when reaching Antarctica in 1911.

Today we have been kiting in heavy wind and it feels good not to drag the sled for 8 hrs. My co-explorer here in Antarctica is Knut Skarpeteig and we have already become good friends. He just sang the Norwegian anthem and put up a flag inside the tent to honor Amundsen.

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