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Crossing the entire globe from pole to pole

Crossing the entire globe from pole to pole

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Swedish adventurer Johan Ernst Nilson has just started a unique journey : crossing the entire globe from North Pole to South Pole.

The expedition has started with skis on the North Pole on the exact date of Peary’s discovery, 6 April. 

Johan Ernest Nilson is accompanied by another Swedish traveller, Harald Kippenes for the polar treks. Born in Bhutan, Harald has been working on scientific expedition in the Arctic, bicycled from Norway to China and led several climbing expeditions in the Himalayas. He has also crossed the Atlantic ocean with a sailing boat, following the old Viking route from Norway to New Found Land in USA. Harald has also been working on various relief projects such as the earthquake in Pakistan and in Haiti. Harald was also (navigator) on the Norwegian team in the BBC/History Channel re-enactment of the famous Amundsen/Scott race to the South Pole in 1911. After 7 years in Naval Special Forces Harald started his own company “Yourway” based on his skills as an explorer.

Once he will be on land, he will be travellling with another Swedish guy, Carl Robert Björkander. This guy has been working with the outdoor industry and hunting for over 20 years. He has also been the tv host for the leading tv show in Sweden about hunting and fishing and he has been in tv programs on BBC and TV4. Carl Robert will be biking with Johan from Canada to Patagonia.

J.E. Nilson rekons the team will reach Greenland beginning of June. From there, they will then continue 1000 km with dogsled over the ice cap of Greenland where they will sail across the Arctic Ocean into Canada. From Canada the journey continues with bike across North America and South America through jungles, deserts and mountains into Patagonia.

After six months on the bike Johan and his team will travel to Antarctica. Team will then ski and kite for two months across the continent until they reach the South Pole. The odyssey will take approximately one year and will be done Climate Neutral (see our article).

The team will use skis, kites, doglsed, solarpower, bikes and a sailboat to be able to travel between the two poles. Any distance that can´t be done without engine will be climate compensated. Between the poles Johan and the Pole2Pole team will visit charity organizations to cover the important work these people do for our world.



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