Climate Neutral Pole 2 Pole

Swedish adventurer Johan Ernst Nilson has just started a unique journey : crossing the entire globe from North Pole to South Pole.


Below are all the news we published about the Climate Neutral Pole 2 Pole expedition

  • Nilson at SP : Tired but happy

    Published on 20.01.2012

    Finally Ernst Johan Nilson has arrived at the South Pole on 19 January. With a broken wrist, and injured knee and feet. He had left North Pole on 8 April for a Pole to Pole expedition, but he has not covered the entire distance of South America.

  • Nilson : being sick of his trek

    Published on 15.01.2012

    Johan Ernest Nilson and his companion announce that they have another five days to cover to reach South Pole.

  • Nilson : Eight days to go

    Published on 11.01.2012

    As usual, the dispatches of Swedish cyclist Johan Ernst Nilson are brief and terse.

  • Nilson : no more wind…

    Published on 03.01.2012

    Nilson has changed from written updates to audios : nevertheless, his way to communicate with outside world remains one of the poorest of all expeditions on the field this season.

  • Nilson : Still 1.600 km to reach South Pole

    Published on 30.12.2011

    Nilson is telling us that the Antarctic is the most remote place on Earth (sic). When he calls home he feels like being an other ET calling from space...

  • Pausing for Christmas

    Published on 25.12.2011

    After having paused half a days to celebrate Christmas, Swedish cyclist Johan Ernst Nilson has another 1.700 km to reach South Pole.

  • Nilson complains about the lack of wind

    Published on 22.12.2011

    Although Johan Ernst Nilson does not communicate much (we are used to since his departure), he seems to be stucked in the tent because a lack of wind.

  • Nilson : at least, he discloses the name of his partner

    Published on 18.12.2011

    For the first time since he has travelled to Novolazarevskaya and since he is moving towards the Pole, Swedish cyclist Johan Ernst Nislon has given us the name of his partner. He is Norwegian and is called Knut Skarpeteig.

  • Nilson complains about the weight of his sled

    Published on 12.12.2011

    Nilson continues his voyage to the South Pole. Still we do not know who is accompanying him.

  • In Central America on 26 Nov, on the Antarctic Ice on 1 Dec !

    Published on 08.12.2011

    All of a sudden, after having sent his last update from Central America on 30 Nov, we find the Swedish cyclist J.E. Nilson in Antarctica, sending his first update from the ice near Novolazarevskaya on 2 Dec.

  • ” Next stop : South Pole ! ”

    Published on 03.12.2011

    Ernest Johan Nilson has decided to leave South America to go directly to Antarctica. He still does not know if he will send updates along his trip on the ice. ...

  • The office on a bike

    Published on 28.11.2011

    Since a few days, Ernest J. Nilson is beating around the bush about the next unfolding of his expedition. He is still in Columbia whereas he should reach the South Pole before end of January. Impossible...

  • J.-E. Nilson is in South America

    Published on 09.11.2011

    After 31 days non stop raining, Johan Ernst Nilson made it to Carthagena, Columbia. He does not know if it will be possible to reach South Pole.

  • Red Alert Everywhere !

    Published on 22.10.2011

    Ernest Nilson's website has just been rebuild : for the ease of everyone who is following his trip. Now we have at least the dates and the cold facts. That's why we know that the traveller and his companion are still in Central America.

  • After Acapulco, the jungle

    Published on 05.10.2011

    Ernst Nilson has not finished yet with Mexico. Together with Carl, they are slowly approaching the border of Guatemala. In fact they are much slower than Aussie Pat Farmer and team.

  • Riding through Baja California

    Published on 04.09.2011

    Together with his companion (who never appears on the photos), Ernst Johan Nilson is heading to the crossing of the waters between Baja California and the continent (Mazatlan).

  • Approaching Mexico

    Published on 23.08.2011

    Johan Ernst Nilson has started his journey on 6 april at the North Pole. Almost 5 months later, he is ready to jump to the Mexican border, from the Baja Peninsula, to be on the safe side...

  • Waiting for his companion

    Published on 14.07.2011

    Having reached the city of Vancouver, Johan E. Nilon has payed a visit to some relief agencies. Now, he is waiting for his companion Carl Robert to go on and bike south.

  • Green forest and wild animals

    Published on 03.07.2011

    That's what Johan Ernst Nilson was waiting for : into the wild. And yes indeed, he found what he was looking for...

  • Looking forward to meet warmer climate soon

    Published on 21.06.2011

    Ernest Nilson has just started his bike trip to the great South (see our map) that wild stories come up and anecdotes are being told in his blog.

  • On the bike, this time

    Published on 15.06.2011

    After two weeks rest, swedish adventurer J. E. Wilson is on the road again with the South Pole as the only goal to reach. He should bike all the way through the Americas until Patagonia.

  • They reached land

    Published on 30.05.2011

    After having changed their route, the pair Nilson / Kippenes have finally made it to the canadian coast. The last week has been a true hell.

  • Getting closer to land

    Published on 23.05.2011

    After having decided to change route and to point Ward Hunt instead of the northern coast of Greenland, team Nilson / Kippenes is slowly approaching land.

  • Progressing faster

    Published on 20.05.2011

    As team slowly approaches Canadian coasts, Climate Neutral Pole to Pole Expedition goes faster on  the ice.

  • Gun close to sleeping bag…

    Published on 17.05.2011

    As Climate Neutral Pole to Pole team is getting closer to Canadian coasts, they have to pay attention to the polar bears.

  • Hard time for both Johan & Harald

    Published on 11.05.2011

    Unpredictable icedrift, numerous open waters, thin and dangerous ice, heavy walls, broken skis, a fall into the ocean... The hard time has come for pair Nilson/Kippenes.

  • Tough decision for J.E. Nilson and Kippenes

    Published on 05.05.2011

    The Climate Neutral Pole2Pole team is heading towards Cape Bryant, Greenland. But Johan and Harald have been informed that the sea ice off that coast just broke up.

  • Bad weather and heavy walls

    Published on 30.04.2011

    Notwithstanding bad conditions J.E. Nilson ans his team of four manages to cover almost 20 km a day.

  • Very few info on the unfolding of this expedition

    Published on 29.04.2011

    This expedition does not publish many updates about its progression. They update a daily position though.

  • Difficult start for both Harald and Johan

    Published on 24.04.2011

    Adventurer Johan Ernst Nilson (JEN) seems to have a quite difficult start. He is complaining about frosbites, the weight of the sled, the cold winds and the presence of bad ice.

  • Climate Neutrality Expeditions

    Published on 22.04.2011

    Being involved with the Zero Emission Princess Elisabeth Station (Utseinen, Sor Rondane, Antarctica), we had to know more of course about what Johan Ernst Nilson calls the 'Climate Neutrality'.

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