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Published on 03.07.2011 - Climate Neutral Pole 2 Pole

Into the wilderness

Into the wilderness

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That's what Johan Ernst Nilson was waiting for : into the wild. And yes indeed, he found what he was looking for...

While Pat Farmer has choosen the east coast side of the United States to go south, Nilson has choosen the opposite side, the west coast.

Apparently he wanted to discover wilder roads and a more virgin nature. Well done ! After being attacked by a moose (see our update) the other day, he had an encounter with a bear he is not ready to forget (excerpt of 26 June diary) : "... After a beautiful evening next to an emerald colored lake I woke up to the sounds of something moving in the bushes. I really thought that it was a fox or something that I’ve seen before, so I moved on and then I heard the same sound running next to me in the bushes while I was on the bike. Now I understood that it was a bear following me. This freaked me out. I stopped to try to get some photos but he was getting to close and started to make strange sounds. Since I don’t speak “Bear” I was not sure what he wanted so I took of….with him after the bike. I guess he was just curious but I didn’t stay to find out. ..."

On 30 June, Pat was at the same latitude as the city of Vancouver. Leaving the wilderness obviously won't hurt him... Excerpt of his 30 June diary  : "...So now I’m really starting to feel the big city getting closer. Big trucks and cars are passing by in fast speed and the trees are slowly be exchanged for big buildings and houses. But it’s still very beautiful but with a small shower of rain coming down from the sky every night. Today I saw a fox again. Fantastic animal and they are not afraid at all, they are really curious. Tomorrow Vancouver. So looking forward..."

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