Riding through Baja California

Published on 04.09.2011 - Climate Neutral Pole 2 Pole

A cool ride without major setbacks through Baja California

A cool ride without major setbacks through Baja California

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Together with his companion (who never appears on the photos), Ernst Johan Nilson is heading to the crossing of the waters between Baja California and the continent (Mazatlan).

According to the news one can get out of his blog, both men had a pretty hard time last week, Nilson being even sick.

On 30 August, being in Santa Rosalio, he writes : "... After many hours in the extreme heat I started to loose my sight and then the feeling in my lips and fingers. I vomited and fainted under a tree while taking a short break and realized that I might had been heat struck. I managed to get to a hospital where they gave me intravenous drip and two shots with something I did not understand. My sight and balance was really bad and I am now in a cold room for two days until I get better and my head cools down a bit. All is OK, just a bit shaky. Carl Robert is very tired after many hours on the bike but feels OK...".

Two days later, he still suffers : "...Will this ever end? This long and winding road. I have been in bed for a few days but we will start tomorrow morning on the bikes again. We will start slow with 6 hours tomorrow and then go up to 10 hours per day again. We will start at 06:00-11:00 and then take that classic siesta until 15:00 and then continue until nigh falls. This will be the best way to bike down the Mexican desert. I hope... "

Of course the conditions of travelling are not very pleasant : being at La Paz on the east coast, hewries : "... Ok, let me give you a clue what it feels like out here ! Put a Dynamo bike inside a sauna. Put the heat up to 50 degrees. Start  biking and continue for around 12 hours (with exception for one hour lunch). Sleep six hours and then start all over again. ..."

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