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Published on 15.06.2011 - Climate Neutral Pole 2 Pole

After two weeks rest, swedish adventurer J. E. Wilson is on the road again with the South Pole as the only goal to reach. He should bike all the way through the Americas until Patagonia.

So far the story does not tell wether the swedish companion of Johan, Carl Robert Björkander, (who is supposed to bike with Johan from Canada to Patagonia) has joined him or not. 

What is certain by cons is that Johan rested about a fortnight before taking the road again. During these days he travelled to the arctic coast of Northern Canada and reach a place he knew: Tuktoyaktuk. Located in Canada's farthest northern region, Tuktoyaktuk lies on the shores of the Arctic Ocean at the tip of the Northwest Territories. Anglicised from an Inuvialuit word meaning 'resembling a caribou', Tuktoyaktuk, or simply Tuk, is a hamlet with a population hovering around 1,000. 

His goal : 180 km every day...

He also had the time to relive his experience on the ice pack and think about the future of the Arctic. Excerpts of his blog of 8 June : "... I started my journeys around the world in 1994 and went up here the first time in 1997 went I crossed the Northwest Passage. Since then the population of polar bears has changed dramatically. Will we be the last generation skiing to the North Pole? Will I be one of the few in the future who have seen polar bears live out in the nature? When my grand children talk about me in front of their friends, will they say “My grandpa has been on the North Pole”? And will the answer be “Thats impossible…..there is no ice on the North Pole!”. We should really take care of the world we live in. Its a beautiful place!..."

Johan E. Nilson wants to bike about 180 km every day. As he does not have his full set of equipment yet, for the present time, he decided to have a car following him to bring any assistance he should need. What a good idea ! Because he started the first day of his new adventure with a flat tire !

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