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Published on 14.07.2011 - Climate Neutral Pole 2 Pole

NIlson got finally the new bikes

NIlson got finally the new bikes

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Having reached the city of Vancouver, Johan E. Nilon has payed a visit to some relief agencies. Now, he is waiting for his companion Carl Robert to go on and bike south.

Here are some excerpts of Nilson's diary after having met relief workers and discussed major problems of our society. "...I really see a light in the end of the tunnel when I meet up with organizations like ECPAT, UNICEF and Clinton Climate Initiative. They are truly the future in therms of solving problems in the world.

"First I had a full day meeting with ECPAT where we discussed child prostitution and trafficking. It is amazing what kind of work they do and sad to see how much work has to be done.

"Then I had a long and interesting meeting with Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Climate Initiative. They showed me around their Green Buildings and also explained what the future in real estates will look like. They produced a fantastic model of how we can reduce our carbon footprint by building our houses in a green way.

"The last meeting was with UNICEF where we discussed how the public can help the organization. The work they to is crucial in catastrophe areas and during big nature changes. We went through the different boxes they send out to children all over the world and it was hard to visualize how they must feel out there with no parents in a crises.

"Once I was standing on the subway and a man from UNICEF came up to me and a father standing next to me with his son. After the father donated some money to the man the kid asked him who he was and why he gave him money. He explained how this organization help kids in need and try to make there life better. The kid smiled and said; So they are like angels? I think that pretty much explains what these organizations are for us and our future. ..."

Three days ago, Johan received the bikes he and his companion will use to go south until Patagonia.

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