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Published on 02.04.2012 - North South Solo Expedition -Leg 2

British Explorer Marc Wood

British Explorer Marc Wood

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A few days ago we have received an official statement from Marc Wood : the bad conditions of the melting ice around the Pole had forced him to change his original plans. Would he proceed to the next phase of his world première or not ? He found a compromise.

In order to respect the final goal and the key objectives of all this, Marc Wood has taken the decision to go to the North Pole in any case. Of course this will not be the second part of a 'world première' anymore because, he has choosen to sky only the last two degrees, from Barneo Russian base camp (station) to the North Pole. Every tourist who is in good shape and has good health conditions is able to ski this short distance (about 150 kil).

But nevertherless, this action and small trip will allow him to continue speaking about the climate change, the importance orf these special ice areas in the global warming and to stay conncected with his "Schools program – My Life in a Freezer", an initiative to connect with schools and educational institutions, bringing his experiences on expedition into the classroom, highlighting the issues faced by the remote parts of the planet, through the use of innovative technologies such as Skype and Ipadio.
 As a platform to highlight the effects of climate change.

Supported by Grant Thornton, he could keep calling on one of the luminaries of change research –Dr Stephan Harrison– to augment some of his daily updates with scientific insight into the rapidly changing Arctic environment. Marc has confirmed also that after these adventures, Dr Harrison would join him in the field to extend the climate change aspect of the expedition.

Briton explorer Marc Wood just arrived in Longyearbyen few days ago. He is awaiting his flight for Barneo -located this year at 120 miles from the Pole, -266 kil, which is a bit more than the last two degrees (226 kil).


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