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Published on 28.11.2011 - South Pole 1911-2011, Two Men One Goal

It's not easy for Albert Bosch who has been left alone since the abandon of his companion Carles Gel. His sled is heavier and he has to face numerous sastrugi fields. 

We do not have any news from Albert Bosch since 21 November. That day, the Catalan adventurer wrote that he had done only 13.5 km, but that he considered also that distance as a success. Success only because, first, he has sastrugis on the way all the time, and second, because the terrain was constantly uphill. "... with this rugged relief", he wrote, "you have to push yourself very hard and to the limit to move the sledge and overcome these ice forms. It is tremendously exhausting, both physically and mentally. ..."

That day also, Bosch has written quite an interesting aspect (seldom tackled) about the way all these expeditioners function mentally speaking. Excerpts (21November) : " ... I have decided today to organize myself mentally to split this lunacy ahead of me. I estimate that since the day I was left alone, if nothing major happens, I could reach the South Pole within 40 days (going super fast), and 50 days (if I don't get stuck again for days...). Therefore, I point at the 40 days at quite a rate. If I haven't made it in 40 days, at least I will be further away and with real expectations to make it. Thus, my goal is to keep walking at the best pace I can, during 40 journeys. Then, in order to make it more attainable, I divide them in groups of 4 effective journeys, that will compose the 10% of the total once all completed. This way seems to me a lot easier. If I can crack on with it will be the last part of the first group of 4 effective journeys and that would mean that I have reached the 100% of my target. And from tomorrow, towards the 20%....It will not be that far to get to 90%, true? ..."

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