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Published on 17.09.2010 - The Northern Passage 2010

Trimaran the Northern Passage has arrived in Cambridge Bay on 16 September

Trimaran the Northern Passage has arrived in Cambridge Bay on 16 September


Børge Ousland and his shipmates have arrived in Cambridge Bay at 14 UTC on the 16 September. Friends were there, the new forestay wasn't.

We take the opportunity of this stopover to zoom on this remote part of the world -see our links at the end of this news and also our dedicated gallery.

Here is what Børge writes about his arrival : "It took a bit longer than expected due to strong northerly winds last night, which required us to tack against them. When we reached port in Cambridge Bay in the morning, local time, Eric Brossier and Brent Boddy were waiting for us. Eric is coming onboard as crew, while Brent is an old friend from Iqaluit. We were in Iqualuit preparing for the North Pole trip in 1990, and Brent helped us out with advice, training facilities and storage. ..."

Nothing special to tell about this stopover besides the fact that the forestay which had to be sent to Cambridge Bay did not arrive in time. It is now redirect to Pond Inlet : as Ousland says, it is quite vital to have the forestay on the boat before leaving for the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. Because if they won't have to be careful about the ice floes anymore after the northwest passage, they surely will encounter big storms, furious winds and huges waves during the traverse.

The Northern Passage arriving in Cambridge Bay

The Northern Passage arriving in Cambridge Bay

© Bøge Ousland

Some interesting news early next week

Early next week, we'll tell you the story of another yacht, the Peter Ist, a russian trimaran which is also trying to make the round Arctic Ocean in one season. We'll list also some other yachts which are in the neighbour of the Arctic Ocean this summer.

And we'll give you some infos about the planting (last Augsut) of the russian flag by russian explorers on the bottom of the seabed 4,200m (14,000ft) below the North Pole. Who said Moscow does not want to claim the Arctic ?

In the meantime, please take some time to visit some websites dedicated to the city of Cambridge Bay and its surroundings : Wikipedia website / Hamlet of Cambridge Bay (official site) / Google Images / PolarNet website (general) / Tourism (a lodge) / Celebration of an Arctic Research Center.



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