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Published on 08.01.2012 - South Pole Race 2011/2012 Centenary Race

On 3 January all the EWR staff and all the competitors were reunited at the place were the Centenary race was to begin (about 700 kil from the SP).

And the next day, all the competitors and all the staff were present in front of the start line.

Excerpts of EWR press communiqué : "... By 8:50am they were all lined up at the start line all looking pretty immaculate in their polar gear, their team colours vibrant against the pure white of the snow. The adrenalin in the air couldn't get any thicker. It really was a spectacular sight. Dave Martin stood in front of them, lined them up evenly and gave them a brilliant speech of encouragement. At 9:05:15 at the drop of his arm all the trucks blasted their horns and finally the Centenary Anniversary of The South Pole Race was on. We watched them all ski forward waving poles in the air and shouting words of encouragement to each other and soon they were out of sight. Only time will tell what happens next… "

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