Rushing to the South

Published on 11.11.2011 - Pole to Pole Run

Despite some technical setbacks, Farmer is rushing to the south

Despite some technical setbacks, Farmer is rushing to the south

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It seems that ultramarathon runner Pat Farmer is rushing to the great South and Antarctica ; he is running about 90 km per day !

Pat Farmer hasn't arrived yet in Chile. Two days ago his blog on Twitter annnounced he was brossing the famous Nazca desert (Peru).

The most outstanding in this adventure is that this Australian runner is capable to run on the bitumen almost 90 km every day. It lasts now for more than six months. Two marathons a day ! Few weeks ago, his team informed us that he has had some problems with his toes. But since, nothing has been published about his health and physical conditions.

One interesting information came throuhg though about the way he is eating all the way long, after a question posed by someone on Twitter, "What do you eat daily, we supposed you have a quite strict diet...?"

Here is the answer : "... Hi Matthew, thanks for your support. As you can imagine it is extremely difficult to keep to a strict regime and have access to specific foods when traveling through various countries and their ever-changing regions so my crew have stoked the cupboards with basic complex carb sources (rice, pasta, cereal, etc), tinned tuna, tinned vegetables, tinned fruit, luckily fresh fruit has always been available on the side of the road so I have plenty of variety there, meat has been a real struggle with a lot of hit and miss but predominantly I have been eating chicken due to red meat and fish being overcooked most of the time. I love my chocolate so my crew have to have some on hand but hide it from me so I don't pig out out on it. Protein/Carb shakes are a al big help and of course water, water, water and then some more. So I aim for around 8,500-10,000 calories per day and do this by eating every 5-10 km's while I am still on the move. ..."

So far Pat Farmer hasn't say a word about his next crossing of Antarctica !

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