The British Army in the french Alps…

Published on 08.11.2011 - British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012

The members of the British Services Antarctic Expeditions 2012 just left England to go training into the French Alps. They wil get their last training in the Massif des Ecrins.

Excerpts (3 November) : "Final Mission Rehearsal Here I come

It’s almost the end of another long and very busy week. Work has been non-stop and I’ve been trying to balance the media work and planning for the expedition.  We have had several articles published this week, one in RAF News and one in RAF Active and also two separate pieces on ITV.  I’ve also had confirmation that Outdoor Fitness are going to run a 10 page spread in their Mar/Apr 12 edition and also Trek and Mountain are running 4 pages on the expedition and finally I took delivery of 48 sporks as you saw in my previous update. 

All of that and I’ve been doing my day job so as you might expect I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Well I would be if it wasn’t for the small fact that when I finish work tomorrow night at 1700 on Friday I will be spending several hrs packing a minibus with HF Radios, pulks, skies, poles, climbing gear and other cold weather gear and then driving to Andover to pick up some of the rest of our team. 

We’ll then head to Folkstone then to France via the chunnel and finally onto to Ecrins National park.  We’ll be spending a week there living on the glacier and taking one last opportunity to brush up on all the skills that we’ve learnt over the past 3 years.  It’s going to be a busy and cold week!  That said by the end of next week we’ll have some more excellent photos and will be in an excellent position before wew finally set off on our little adventure in December. 

So folks, hope you all have a relaxing weekend and occasionally spare a thought of me as I do battle with the French motorways on my way to a cold tent high up on a remote glacier for what the lads in the office seem to believe is another ‘jolly’ swanning around the Alps!..."

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