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Published on 02.06.2008 - General Info

The party of three, consisting of two Frenchmen and a German, has arrived safely at Quanaaq. They covered 2243 km in 32 days.

The end of the adventure was problem-free for the Wings Over Greenland trio. Right up to three days from reaching their goal, Thierry Puyfoulhoux (46-year-old French designer), Cornelius Strohm (German researcher, 34) and Michael Charavin (French mountain guide, 37) had to negotiate fields of sastruggi, which forced them to ski "very aggressively".
But once they were into their final week with the final few dozen kilometres in sight, the ice became flatter and therefore easier to ski across. This is particularly important when you're being pulled along by traction kites.

This is an extract taken from the reports that were sent back over the three final days: "The team: Altitude 5 metres. Kilometre 2243. Quanaaq! We reached the bottom of Bowdoin Fjord in the late afternoon on 30th May. We had hoped that the wind would take us all the way to Quanaaq, but the rain dogged our progress over the final 35 km (Bowdoin and Inglefield fjords). We just had the time to go and quaff a few cleansing ales and raise a glass with the locals.

Life is Beautiful! Many thanks again to everyone who has followed our journey and spurred us on with their kind messages. A special thank you to Michel for his talented weather forecasts. More information by e-mail as soon as possible, and photos in 10 days' time. A plus.

Date: 30th May 2008
The team: Altitude 210 metres. Clear skies and solid ground in view this morning! Final 60 kilometres on the icecap. Magnificent view over the immense Inglefield Fjord. We left the icecap at 11.00 pm and began a difficult descent towards Bowdoin Fjord where we bivouacked 13 hours later. Bivouac with no tent overlooking the icecap and Tugtu glacier. We were "knackered" after 17 hours of hard going. Good night.
68.10 km covered since our last contact. 2217.10 km in all since leaving."

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