Wood continues his 15 Nm pace

Published on 18.12.2011 - North South Solo Expedition -Leg 2

Solo Marc Wood has reached the half way mark. Although he has problems with some of his toes, he manages to maintain his 15 nautical miles a day. He has still a lot to cover.

17 December 2011 - Day 27 / Latitude: -84.2392 Longitude: -80.2537 / Temperature: 18°C / Windspeed: 6 mph /
Notes : Strong headwinds, a lot of high sastrugis on the way, good 15 Nm done, hard work.

16 December 2011 - Day 26 / Latitude: -83.9808 Longitude: -80.1162 / Temperature: -20°C / Windspeed: 12 mph
Notes : Good 15 nm, he wants to keep that pace and even go faster day by day, 8 hours ski, good weather, pretty cold down there, he did not sweat too much,
strong head winds, temperature dropped, the snow is heavy, 7.5 hours on ski, feels better and better.
15 December 2011 - Day 25 / Latitude: -83.7272 Longitude: -80.0976 / Temperature: -18°C / Windspeed: 4 mph
Notes : 16 Nm done in 8 hours on ski,  as soon as he drinks tea at night, he feels a lot better, white out conditions, feels quite relax tonight, has reached the halfway mark, has still some more hill to reach the plateau

14 December 2011 - Day 24 / Latitude: -83.4695 Longitude: -80.0698 / Temperature: -18°C / Windspeed: 5 mph
Notes : good couple of days, 8 hours for 14 Nm, he is talking about Christmas eve.

13 December : no datas

12 December 2011 - Day 22 / Latitude: -82.9707 Longitude: -79.8481 / Temperature: -15°C / Windspeed: 4 mph
Notes : he spents all day in the tent to take care of his foot, 15 Nm done yesterday, he takes time to answer to some questions school children have asked him via satphone.

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