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Dutch Willem ter Horst on the classic trek

Dutch Willem ter Horst on the classic trek

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Dutch business consultant in the field of technological innovation Willem ter Horst (37) is guided by professional polar guide Hannah McKeand to go from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole unsupported.

Willem ter Horst (born in 1973) has always been a keen traveller. He began his traveller 'career' after finishing his masters degree in applied mathematics at Delft University of Technology by making a six months around the world journey (Russia-Mongolia-China where he has been serioulsy ill after having drank contaminated water - Bangkok - Laos - Malaysia - Singapore - Los Angeles - Bolivia aned back to the Nertherlands).

Even though he joined KPN (the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in The Netherlands) and later TNO (an independent research organisation), where he continues to work as a business consultant in the field of technological innovation, Willem never lost his desire to travel. In 2002, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Five years lateer he went to the buddhist kingdom of Bhutan where he began thinking of cold countries and maybe dreaming of going one to one of the poles.

But a lot needed to be done before thinking seriously of the poles. Firstly, he needed to get into shape. He needed to lose weigth and build endurance, and entered into a low carb diet and a strict fitness regime. The first results were promising and he entered into Matty McNair's Winter Polar Training Programme. Never having skied before he undertook a cross-country course in Davos and went back for Christmas to improve his technique. In february he was 25 kg lighter, in decent shape and ready for the Arctic climate. It was a very impressive experience and although it dawned on him that the North Pole would still be one step to far, the decision was made: The South Pole in the 2010/2011 season and formal training began.

In November 2010; Willem ter Horst leaves for Antarctica to embark on an expedition to the South Pole. Guided by famous female polar explorer Hannah McKeand he will ski the classical trek Hercukles Inlet -> South Pole unsupported.



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