One step at a time

Dutch business consultant in the field of technological innovation Willem ter Horst (37) is guided by professional polar guide Hannah McKeand to go from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole unsupported.


Below are all the news we published about the One step at a time expedition

  • Success for Willem and Hannah

    Published on 13.01.2011

    The duo Willem ter Horst - Hannah McKeand made it to the South Pole on 11 January 2011. They needed 46 days and 8 hours to complete the trek.

  • Battle for the 11-1-11

    Published on 09.01.2011

    Without any doubt the pair Ter Horst - McKeand is going to reach the South Pole soon. But Willem got suddenly an idea : what about making the arrival unforgettable by getting there on 11 January 2011 (11-1-11) ?

  • Slowely but shurely

    Published on 06.01.2011

    The pair Willem ter Horst - Hannah McKeand have just passed the difficult degree 87, a zone famous for his big sastrugis fields and bumpy surfaces. Their progression is nevertheless remarkably regular.

  • Each day another story

    Published on 27.12.2010

    Dutch traveller Willem ter Horst and his female guide are doing fine down there. After 30 days of progression, they have crossed already the degree 86 !

  • Bad visbility, good progress

    Published on 15.12.2010

    After a tough start, the pair Ter Horst/McKeand (client and guide) is achieving quite good mileage every day. This despite an almost constant poor visbiliy and the days of white out they encounter on their way to their next resupply.

  • A tough start for Horst

    Published on 28.11.2010

    Like all the other teams, the pair Hannah McKeand (the guide) / Willem ter Horst (her client) arrived at ALE's Union Glacier Camp on the 25th November. Horst had left home three weeks before. 

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