Antarctic Ice Expedition

Belgians Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour are aiming to try a new world record, going for a round Antarctica and anticlockwise voyage (non motorized and in complete autonomy) on a 6.000 km distance.


Below are all the news we published about the Antarctic Ice Expedition expedition

  • Belgians Dixie & Sam Are Out

    Published on 04.02.2012

    Belgians Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour have decided to give up their wind propelled adventure. Their communiqué says that the approaching winter weather brings increasingly unstable conditions. At this moment their current location still guarantees a safe pickup.

  • Almost flying over the ice

    Published on 01.02.2012

    With the triple digits distances done almost every day since a week now, Belgians Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour have succeeded to break the world record of the longest distance established in Antarctica.

  • A Question of Kilometers

    Published on 23.01.2012

    Belgians Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour are back to the triple digits distances. This brings them to talk about quadruple digits distances. A titan voyage !

  • Dixie and Sam : Setting a new time zone

    Published on 22.01.2012

    Setting a new time zone means sleeping (or resting) during the day and kiting (or skiing) at night. Here is why the Belgian adventurers have taken such a decision.

  • Tough time for the Belgians

    Published on 17.01.2012

    Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour do have a frustrating time these last days. Because the winds are not favorable and they still are so far away from Novo !

  • Dixie & Sam : Tipping Point

    Published on 15.01.2012

    The Belgians are stuck in an area of the Antarctic that is for the most part windless. They still have a month travel to go. And still they have an unspeakable amount of kilometeres to cover before returning to the belgian PEA station.

  • Dixie and Sam : Electronics Embargo

    Published on 11.01.2012

    For some days to come, the daily updates Dixie and Sam were used to sent us through the Iridium staphone and that pleased us so much, will be interrupted. Their battery power for electronic devices has reached a critical stage.

  • Colliding with the surroundings and going faster

    Published on 05.01.2012

    Although the sastrugis fields are not behind them yet, Dixie and Sam are more and more in the flow of their voyage. Everything just seems to happen. "It's a very special feeling to surrender to it all..." (Sam).

  • Floating on an Antarctic Highway

    Published on 01.01.2012

    Unexpected good luck for Belgians Dansercoer and Deltour: winds came back gently, the terrain is 'heavenly' marvellous, great meteorologists give them the right course to follow, at the Pole they were complimented for their healthy looks ... What better could you hope for ?

  • Dixie and Sam : Cozy days in the tent

    Published on 28.12.2011

    After the South Pole the belgian pair had to curve a bit their itineray towards east, because of an 'abnormal' direction of the winds (compared with the ones of mathematical models). Then they prefered to stay in the tent and to await better kiting conditions.

  • Belgians Dansercoer and Deltour arrived at the SP

    Published on 22.12.2011

    After F. Aston and Ousland's clients (the ones coming from Axel Heiberg not the the last 2 degrees group), the Antarctic Ice Expedition is the third one to reach the Pole these last two days (on 21 December). But Dixie and Sam have still a lot to travel.

  • “Pushing the Boundaries”

    Published on 19.12.2011

    18 December was an epic day : everything seemed to be perfectly tuned to achieve a great distance. Result : 151 kms on Dixie & Sam's counter for a 12 hours kite. Almost faster than EWR cars and anyway more than a degree done.

  • Encounter with… vehicle trails and a fuel depot

    Published on 13.12.2011

    On 11 December, the Belgians had an unexpected encounter with the trails of vehicles and a fuel depot. Extreme World Races competition had gone through this place...

  • A lot of pit formations on the way

    Published on 09.12.2011

    Belgians Dixie and Sam thought they were done with the satrugis. No way ! Here they come again : carpeted on the slopes of the small hills of the pit formations which the duo meets on its way.

  • First triple digit progress of the voyage

    Published on 05.12.2011

    Brillant feat : Sam and Dixie have made a toast to celebrate the first excellent day of the trip, with 109 km on the counter !

  • Not as fast as needed

    Published on 02.12.2011

    Even if the two Belgians can now use their kites almost every day, they do not progress as fast as they would like to.

  • Back on track

    Published on 28.11.2011

    On 22 November, Belgians Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour have been re-deposited on the ice and have re-started the Antarctic Ice Expedition.

  • Bye bye sastrugis ?

    Published on 19.11.2011

    Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour have been successfully evacuated from their campsite by ALCI logistics.

  • Re-position the team for a new start…

    Published on 15.11.2011

    Dixie had to take a difficult decision yesterday as the weather conditions were not safe enough for the team : tandem will go back by air to Novo and choose a new starting point.

  • Quite a difficult start for the Belgians

    Published on 11.11.2011

    Altitude sickness, bad weather, snow storms, general fatigue... Dixie Dansercoer and mate Sam Deltour had hoped for a better start.

  • “I never felt more ready..”

    Published on 08.11.2011

    That's Belgian Dixie Dansercoer who is speaking. They had a bit of delay getting to Russian base and ALCI Airbase Novolazarevskaia, flying from CapeTown. But finally expedition started ok : on 7 November both men were dropped on the plateau.

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