South Pole and Back - Ski & Kite

Famous polar explorer Richard Weber together with Josée Auclair are taking clients to an unsupported trek to the South Pole from Messner Start (Filchner Ice Shelf) (900 km) with the return by kite-skiing.


Below are all the news we published about the South Pole and Back - Ski & Kite expedition

  • Success for Richard Weber and his client

    Published on 18.01.2012

    The strategy of doing long days and kite/skiing when the wind is ok and sleeping when the weather is bad has finally payed off. That's how Richard Weber and his client Michael Archer did it to reach Hercules Inlet on time.

  • Getting the hang of kiting

    Published on 15.01.2012

    Before they started their return trip, Richard Weber and his client were quite novice in the art of kiting. Now they start to get used to the manoeuvring of these sails. On 11 January, they managed to do 140 kil in one day !

  • Weber and client : six days to go ?

    Published on 12.01.2012

    Together with some other expeditions (Eide, Aston, Gamme, Cas & Jonesy, George, Basque trio), Richard Weber and his client Michael Archer are rushing to Hercules Inlet. Fortunately they have the kites to fly over the ice...

  • Richard and Michael waiting for the wind at the SP

    Published on 06.01.2012

    After the arrival at the SP, Richard Weber and his client had planned to leave the station early in order to make miles and to take advantage of the wind.

  • Weber’s tourists at the Pole !

    Published on 02.01.2012

    Richard Weber has made it to the South Pole with 3 clients. They had left the Ronne Iceshelf on 23 November. On the way, two people had to be rescued. Because of a infection for one and because of a broken wrist for the second.

  • Weber has put the hammer down…

    Published on 26.12.2011

    Since the evacutation of businessman Chris de Lapuente (team had to wait for two days for the plane to collect him), explorer Richard Weber has decided to get back on schedule.

  • Another tourist out !

    Published on 23.12.2011

    For businessman Chris de Lapuente who had a broken wrist and an injured knee, the game is over. His dream has come to an end on 22 December when he was a mere eight days ski from his goal.

  • Broken wrist and swollen knee !

    Published on 22.12.2011

    Despite Chris de Lapuente's injuries, the team is carrying on his trek towards the Pole ; Richard and Michael are taking care of both Ruth and Chris de Lapuente's sledges.

  • Weber’s clients are working behind their limits

    Published on 19.12.2011

    Although these tourists are living horrid days, one after the other, the are pressing on hard because they want to be at the SP before Christmas. One of them is badly injured though.

  • Welcome rest day for Weber and clients

    Published on 12.12.2011

    We seldom higlight the rest days the expeditioners take once in a while during their trek on the ice...

  • “Keep plugging at it !”

    Published on 08.12.2011

    These are Richard Weber's words when he wants to encourage his tourists. The progression is unfolding quite well though, but the snow is really too soft to glide on.

  • Tourists : one down already !

    Published on 05.12.2011

    Explorer Richard Weber and his clients have been flown to the edge of the Filschner iceshelf on 25 November. The next day one of the participants had to be airlifted because of a flu ! Bad start...

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