The South Pole Jubilee Expedition

The South Pole Jubilee Expedition will follow Amundsen’s route to the Pole (starting at the bottom of the Axel Heiberg glacier), arriving exactly 100 years later on the 14th December 2011.


Below are all the news we published about the The South Pole Jubilee Expedition expedition

  • The tourists have made it…

    Published on 15.01.2012

    Guided by famous Norwegian explorer Christian Eide, the group ofi five tourists who had left the bottom of Axel Heiberg glacier on 27 November with eighteen days delay on the schedule arrived at Hercules Inlet on 12 January.

  • Thanks to the winds

    Published on 12.01.2012

    Norwegian explorer Christian Eide has been lucky enough to see the anrtarctic divinities answer to his prayers : they sent strong enough and favorable winds on their route. But not for long...

  • 600 kil in 11 days : possible or not ?

    Published on 08.01.2012

    Of course on the return trip SP > Hercules Inlet, things look easier : in general, expedtioners have better winds, milder temperatures and descending itinerary. But the distance remains though.

  • Although not quite experienced, tourists are doing fine…

    Published on 03.01.2012

    The group of tourists (five people) guided by Christian Eide is going back to Hercules Inlet. Despite some head winds and sastrugis fields, they are making good progress and hope to be at Hercules Inlet on time.

  • Five Stars South Pole

    Published on 26.12.2011

    The group of tourists guided by Norwegian explorer Christian Eide have done pretty well so far (see comment below). After three days rest at the SP in a five star tent, they left towards Union Glacier ALE base camp (a 1.100 km trek).

  • Ousland/Eide’s clients have made it to the Pole

    Published on 21.12.2011

    Notable performance for the clients guided by Christian Eide to the SP. They started at the bottom of Axel Heiberg glacier on 27 November and arrived at the SP on 19 December ; they were 23 days on the ice.

  • Ousland / Eide’s tourists : almost done with the SP !

    Published on 18.12.2011

    While the Jubilee Expedition party (last two degrees) arrived at South Pole in time for celebration, the ones guided by C. Eide were negociating the Titan Dome and have begun their descent to the Pole.

  • The tourists perform super well with more than 30 km a day !

    Published on 12.12.2011

    Chirstian Eide, the head of this group, is suprised to see his people on the ice performing extremely well, be it during a good or a freezing day.

  • Final preparations

    Published on 08.11.2011

    Let's enter for once into the details of a day of final preparations of an expediiton in Punta Arenas hotel.

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