The South Pole : Solo but not Alone

On 20th November 2011, Howard Fairbank is scheduled to fly to a point 82'10"S 065'00"W on the Ronne Ice Shelf. This is the official, 'edge of continent', called Messner start point, named after the famous Italian mountaineer and explorer, Reinhold Messner who in November 1989, almost accidently established this start point and the route to the Pole.


Below are all the news we published about the The South Pole : Solo but not Alone expedition

  • One Country for Old Man… (starring Howard Fairbank)

    Published on 31.12.2011

    Solo and unsupported Howard Fairbank arrived at the South Pole on 27 December at noon, Punta Arenas time. He has been on the ice for 35 days.

  • With 42 km to go, Fairbank can feel the South Pole

    Published on 26.12.2011

    Howard Fairbank doesn't regret at all to be there alone on this ice immensity. In fact, if we go back to his 'Solo but not Alone', this concept takes here his entire meaning.

  • Different ice, zero sastrugis : Fairbank is in seventh heaven

    Published on 23.12.2011

    Each day, quinquagenerian Howard Fairbank is of course getting closer and closer to the SP. He is so immensely happy that he almost forgets his toes problems.

  • Looking into a ‘scary mind abyss’ each morning…

    Published on 19.12.2011

    That's the daily life of fifty year old adventurer Howard Fairbank: to analyse every single mental and physical step of his travel... Even when he takes a day rest, he manages to writes two full pages. Surprise : it's not at all boring... But we need sometimes a psychoanalyst sofa to understand !

  • A philosopher on the ice

    Published on 15.12.2011

    South African Howard Fairbank (53) who is going solo from Messner Start (Ronne Iceshef) until SP writes so much every day that at the end of his trip, his SP book will be written ! He wants to be the oldest person to achieve this feat...

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