Greenland Northward Expedition 2008

Two gentlemen from Finland, Pete Makela (38) and Pete Vourenmaa (42), are going to attempt to cross Greenland from south to north. They will be doing so with the help of powerkites.


Below are all the news we published about the Greenland Northward Expedition 2008 expedition

  • Towards The Final Leg

    Published on 07.07.2008

    Following the Hibbert-Bullard duo's example, the two Finns have embarked upon their descent towards the west coast of Greenland. On the way, they have raised some rather interesting topics of conversation.

  • 90 days out on the ice

    Published on 02.07.2008

    When they set out on this adventure, the sole aim of the Finns Petri Makela and Petri Vuorenmaa was to spend 90 days out on the Greenland icecap. They are now well on their way to achieving this goal.

  • Gently does it!

    Published on 23.06.2008

    The two Finns, Pete Makela and Pete Vuorenmaa are just about the last ones still trekking across the Greenland icecap. They expect to arrive at Qaanaaq around mid-July. They are on schedule.

  • Surf To Deep Drilling Projects

    Published on 15.06.2008

    The two Finns have had the excellent idea of visiting places of historical interest. This week, they're zooming in on deep drillings.

  • Travelling back in time

    Published on 03.06.2008

    The two Finns stopped by the Greenland Summit Camp research station, which is carrying out deep drilling operations into the icecap.

  • Sea in sight !

    Published on 02.06.2008

    1st June and they have reached kilometre 1252. For the first time, they are able to catch the odd glimpse of a patch of blue sea.

  • A riveting story about socks…

    Published on 25.05.2008

    It's a fact, of course: not all of the ongoing stories sent back by intrepid explorers manage to retain our interest. With Steger, we have taken a trip back to the time, of great explorers, behind the scenes of climate warming. Our two Finns, meanwhile, seem more interested in their stories about socks...

  • Dropping in on a former radar base…

    Published on 15.05.2008

    The two Finns are making steady progress with their traction kites, covering around fifty kilometres a day. Along the way, they had the good fortune to visit the former American Dye2 radar base, which appears to be the local tourist attraction...

  • The Finns are on their way!

    Published on 07.05.2008

    Pete Makela (38) and Pete Vourenmaa (42) left Narsarsuaq on 21st April. Everything is progressing well so far.

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