Optical Express South Pole Challenge

Two young adventurers, the British Cameron Hudson and the American John Huston, are going to attempt the traditional Hercules Inlet - South Pole trek. They want to help the visually impaired by supporting various associations such as the 'Guide Dogs for the Blind', the 'International Glaucoma Association (IGA)' and the 'Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)'


Below are all the news we published about the Optical Express South Pole Challenge expedition

  • Success for the Youngsters

    Published on 26.01.2008

    The big day has finally come for the young team of Optical Express.

  • The Final Phase

    Published on 17.01.2008

    Cameron Hudson and John Huston are continuing to strive to reach the pole before 25 January.

  • A race against the clock

    Published on 10.01.2008

    Bad news for the youngsters: the logistics people at ALE have told them they will not be able to pick them up from the South Pole after 25th January!

  • Fresh supplies ahoy!

    Published on 01.01.2008

    The average daily rate of progress for the group has picked up a little. They have passed 84 degrees south and are within sight of their cache of fresh supplies and rations located at the foot of the Thiels mountains.

  • Slow progress…

    Published on 26.12.2007

    It's slow going for the NorthWinds group. They have been averaging around 8 nautical miles or 14.8 km daily. This is not much.

  • White Out Wipe Out!

    Published on 17.12.2007

    There have been several days of white out conditions since our last report. The eldest member of the group has decided to be picked up.

  • Stopover at Patriot Hills

    Published on 07.12.2007

    It has been a bit of a strange start to their expedition for the two adventurers. After having been dropped off at Hercules Inlet, their route took them back to Patriot Hills!

  • Good luck for Optical Express

    Published on 02.12.2007

    After arriving at Patriot Hills aboard the second flight, the Optical Express team made up of Cameron Hudson and John Huston set out on its adventure. In fact, so far, the duo has enjoyed four days of fine weather. They couldn't have hoped for a better start...

  • Stuck in Punta Arenas…

    Published on 25.11.2007

    Since they arrived in Chile on 14th November, Cameron and John have been working non-stop on the final details of their adventure. But there are still no flights going to Patriot Hills – the weather continues to be awful there...

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