Interchange Shakleton South Pole Expedition 2007

Veteran polar explorer Doug Stoup plans to take two fellow adventurers along the route that the famous British explorer Sir Edward Shackleton would have taken to the South Pole if his sailing ship Endurance had not been wrecked in the Weddell Sea during his historic expedition in 1915.


Below are all the news we published about the Interchange Shakleton South Pole Expedition 2007 expedition

  • Team has reached SP!

    Published on 21.01.2008

    Doug Stoup and his companion Richard Dunwoody have reached SP on January 18th.

  • Only A Week Left

    Published on 18.01.2008

    If nothing goes wrong, the members of the Interchange Shackleton South Pole Expedition should be arriving at the pole in approximately one week's time.

  • Things are OK, but it’s tough going…

    Published on 10.01.2008

    The two men continue to make good progress, but the conditions they are travelling through are difficult to say the least. They still have another 127 nautical miles (235 km) to go before reaching the Pole.

  • Waiting for the DC3…

    Published on 01.01.2008

    The team got behind schedule while waiting for the DC3 to arrive from the Russian base Novolazarevshaya to pick up James Fox.

  • Being just two left, they have lifted the pace

    Published on 25.12.2007

    Feeling the joint effects of altitude and freeze-dried rations, James Fox has had to be evacuated back to the Novolazarevshaya base. The two men left out on the ice are now lifting the pace...

  • Making up for lost time

    Published on 18.12.2007

    They spent the first week trying to avoid crevasses. Week two, they are fighting against bad weather.

  • Successful Departure

    Published on 08.12.2007

    The three men arrived safely at their departure point after of a bit of an adventure getting there. They are now out on the polar plateau.

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