This section is featuring the latest news regarding adventure in the polar regions and from the expeditions we are following closely.

  • Stancer Forced to Give Up

    Published on 31.05.2007 - Mars North Pole Solo

    On May 28th, British woman Rosie Stancer, while attempting to reach the North Pole solo, was forced to abandon her expedition.

  • Alain’s Knee and Dixie’s Foot

    Published on 30.05.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Though they are getting closer to the Greenland coast, the two men are more cautious and circumspect that ever.

  • The Mystery of the Vanishing Ice Pack

    Published on 28.05.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Following the rapid dislocation of the sea ice in the Lincoln Sea, around the mouth of the Robeson Channel, from the 8th of May to the 19th of May, the expedition was forced to change its route. The question lying in most peoples' minds was "Is this a bad thing? What's going to happen next?"

  • Pass their message on to you: “Respect our Earth!”

    Published on 28.05.2007 - Global Warming 101 Expedition

    An enthralling end of expedition for Will Steger's Global Warming 101. Iglulik, the last stage, celebrated the travellers with astonishing fervour and enthusiasm.

  • The data of the day

    Published on 28.05.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Here are the technical data given last night by Alain Hubert on the satphone. In addition, please find the comments of the day.

  • Alain is questioning himself

    Published on 25.05.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Since the beginning of the expedition, Alain Hubert hasn't come to understand "his" Arctic sea ice. On one hand, the weather has gone completely wild and, on the other, the ice is unrecognizable.

  • Speeding Up

    Published on 23.05.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    As it was announced several days ago, the two men have stepped on the accelerator. They progressed 25 km yesterday, and 20 the day before.

  • Only A Hundred Miles To Go

    Published on 23.05.2007 - Mars North Pole Solo

    Rosie Stancer has passed the point of the last 100 nautical miles (1.852 km) to go to reach the North Pole.

  • An Improvement in the Terrain

    Published on 21.05.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    Things are starting to get better for the two Belgians of The Arctic Arc expedition. Even though the sky is still cloudy, the ice, on the other hand, is now flatter and the ground clearer.

  • Changing plans

    Published on 20.05.2007 - The Arctic Arc

    If the two men continue to aim for the Victoria Fjord, they are throwing themselves straight into the lion's jaw. That is to say that the risks are enormous if they continue to head for Victoria Fjord: the route advisor is adamant. Consequently, they are modifying their itinerary to Greenland.

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