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Published on 28.07.2011 - Pole to Pole Run

Mayor of New Orleans has declared the 22 july 2011 as Pat Farmer's Day

Mayor of New Orleans has declared the 22 july 2011 as Pat Farmer's Day

© Farmer'swebsite

Ultramarathon runner Pat Farmer has now reached south-east Texas. Every town he passes through, he receives the warmest welcome.

As the videos published on Pat Farmer website do not mention ever any dates and as our various emails sent to the expedition (asking to add dates to be able to follow him better) remain without response, we do not know exactly where Pat Farmer is running at the present time. On 22 July, he has received maybe the most agreable gift from the mayor of the city of New Orleans who has declared -as we can see on the document published above- that day as the 'Pat Farmer's Day'. So we presume that the marathon runner is getting close to the mexican border. In a recent interview given to a local tv network KDFM CHANNEL 6 TEXAS at Mauriceville, he said he has completed 5 000 miles so far and has still 25 000 miles left in his journey, performing an average of 52 miles every day.

Almost 40° C on the road

Almost 40° C on the road

© Pat Farmer's website

The calculations we have made are not exactly the same. But of course we do not know his exact itinerary (from town to town -pity they do not publish a map) neither the days during which he is taking rest ; so we do not want to suspect Farmer's declarations. But as he left Radisson (North Canada) the 19 May and arrived in New Orleans the 22 July, as the global road distance between these two cities is 2873 km, we get to this result : almost 45 km each day. Which is already a feat in itself.

In the meantime the ballet of the vids continue on his  blog : the most surprising one this week is the one where one sees Farmer cooking an egg on the bitumen to give us an idea how warm it is nowadays in this zone of the United States.

Let's remind that Farmer is doing this for a humanitarian cause, the International Red Cross Organizations ; he hopes to raise $ 100 million at the end of his adventure. So far, not a single word either on the amount he has received so far.

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