“Inside my bra, between my boobs…”

Published on 24.03.2009 - Baffin Babes

Three out of the four women have now set out from the small town of Qikiqtarjuaq, on the east coast of Baffin Island. The fourth is waiting in Longyearbyen on Svalbard until she feels better, acting as temporary HQ for the others.

It is the Norwegian girl, Ingebjoerg Tollefsen, who has decided to postpone her departure on account of severe stomach pains. Doctors have so far been unable to locate the cause. But the latest news from Longyearbyen is good; Ingjebjoerg is feeling better and is about to buy her ticket for Canada. The plan is for her to rejoin her three companions at Clyde River.

Meanwhile, her friends are on their way towards the north of Baffin Island. Setting out from the little town of Qikiqtarjuaq, they were dropped off by skidoo in the middle of nowhere after a trip of 14 hours that was one of the worst experiences of their lives because it was so cold! Kristin wrote on 12th March: "The trip by skidoo to our departure point lasted almost 14 hours. The temperature was minus 38°C, without the wind-chill factor. That's the wind outside, as well as the wind caused by the speed of the skidoo! We have never been so cold in all our lives! We nearly thought we were going to freeze to death...!"

It seems as though the cold is posing a genuine problem to these charming ladies at the start of their trek. So much so that on 16th March, one of them, Krsitin again, wrote that the warmest place in the world was inside her bra, between her breasts. "That's where all the important things have to go. Such as the camera batteries, or frozen bars of chocolate. It's also a good place to dry out a damp glove. And it's where I keep my iPod. Come on girls, get your boobs moving..."Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, week one was a good one, with fine weather.

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