Monstrous sastrugis and roughest ground for Aston

Published on 30.12.2011 - Kaspersky One TransAntarctic Expedition

Briton Felicity Aston has to face quite difficult consitions since she left the Pole to march towards West. Not only the sastrugis are enormous nut also the ground is rough to ski on it.

As Felicity Aston is mainly communicating with Twitter, she has of course to find the right words to summarize the best way she can the conditions she encounters on this second and last leg of her adventure. No problem, she finds them.

Let's publish some :

  • 30 December : Couldn't see much when I pitched the tent but now that I'm in it I realise I'm on a clear slope - bugger; Crossed some of the roughest ground I've ever seen in Antarctica today and the sastrugi were monsters. The bad weather finally caught up with me. Wind, snow, restless skies thick with cloud and flat light.
  • 29 December : Narrowly missed bad weather today. I watched daunting storm clouds pass slowly by away to my left - phew! My watch slowed down today without me noticing so I skied an extra hour unintentionally. Made 20nm though!
  • 28 December : My clothes are feeling a little baggy so I must be losing weight but I'm nowhere near skinny - more chocolate! Now that I am heading north, I ski toward the sun all day - which is lovely but I do miss the company of my shadow. Feeling very pleased with myself because I covered 18.5nm today - but it was perfect conditions.

Always taking good care of her appearance, on 27 December she took time to give heself a penknife manicure and pedicure -lethal, especially with my left hand but no blood yet...

On 26 December, she casts back that two years ago, when she was leading the all women 'Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition' (see our coverage), she spent Christmas day in a tent in pretty much the same spot but with 6 other women -good memories!

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