Teemu champing at the bit in Patriot Hills

Published on 09.12.2008 - The Finnish SP Solo Expedition

Teemu Lakkasuo is at his wits' end trying to find something to do at Patriot Hills as he waits to set off on his Last Degree trek to the Pole.

We have previously reported that after taking an unfortunate fall, Teemu had to be taken back to Patriot Hills and that after consulting his personal doctor, he was given permission to accompany a group of tourists when they do the last degree.

But the Finn can hardly wait to get going and in the meantime will do just about anything at the base to pass the time. So he climbed the hill with the people from ALE, building an igloo while he was at it. Then he went for a walk in the area around, celebrated Finland's independence day and so on. All that while waiting for the wind to die down so that flights between Patriot Hills and the South Pole can resume. On 6th December, though, it didn't seem very likely just yet..

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