The Hardest Part of the Adventure

Published on 07.11.2008 - Expedition Earth

Todd Carmichael has been telling visitors about the development of his exploration project since as early as June. At this particular moment, he should be arriving at Punta Arenas. He has shared some interesting thoughts with us.

On 29 October, Todd Carmichael wrote: " Four more days and I'll be in Chile, a few days there before flying off to the Antarctic, and then the great stretch to the pole... ".

This time of the expedition when everything is ready and you have to wait for the great adventure to start, in fact the days prior to the big departure, is the hardest part for this traveller. Not only because of the waiting, which is long and inevitably hard to take (understandably), but also and especially because, bit by bit, you have to change. You have to drop the personality of the normal guy, the businessman, the husband, the friend, the hockey fan, in order to morph into a character that must correspond absolutely with what is required for living for a few weeks on the Antarctic icecap.

The daily life doesn't make this slow and progressive change any easier, nor does the inevitable metamorphosis between two beings, the one that has to be left at home and the one that is going off on dangerous adventures. Admittedly this scenario doesn't last too long but for a few days it's pretty real. And for Todd Carmichael, it's hard.

According to the most optimistic timetable, Todd should be deposited at Hercules Inlet on 12 November.

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