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Published on 09.12.2008 - Expedition Earth

Todd Carmichael has decided to walk instead of skiing, partly because of the snow, but also because he does not have 100% faith in the strength of his bindings. Despite these problems, which are quite significant, the show must go on...

On 2nd December, Todd woke up in the middle of the night with a new idea: he could no longer continue with his shaky bindings and has decided to reverse the binding system on his boots and revert to the good old system they used to use. It was meant to be his trump card, but the following day it didn't work out and Todd's skis spent the day lashed to his sledge and he had to continue on foot. Despite all that, this very determined American still managed to cover 32.5 kilometres for the day!

The next day, same thing: still marching along in soft snow, his tally for the day was 33.5 kilometres. "It's amazing to see how things are going on this expedition – especially in view of the setbacks Todd has experienced," reports the person writing Todd's website. "But right now, despite all the problems with his damned bindings, we can possibly say that Todd is only about two weeks from his goal!" One thing is for sure: this is an expedition that is likely to be remembered for some time to come.

Things didn't stop there, either: on 7th December, although having to trudge through 40 to 50 cm of snow at every step, he still managed to march another 31.8 km. And not content with that for his day's work, he then sat down in the evening after all those hours of exhausting progress and repaired his communication system that had not been working properly since he set out!

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