They are in Pond Inlet

Published on 02.06.2009 - Baffin Babes

Their 80-day adventure out on the ice of Baffin Island – as well as enjoying the grandiose spectacle of remote fjords – is now at an end. And the girls can look back on their expedition with great affection and a touch of nostalgia.

As nothing else better reflects what the four adventurers were feeling at the end of their trek, we can't resist delving into Emma Simonsson's blog written the day before the Baffin Babes arrived at Pond Inlet.

Here's what the young 26-year-old Swede wrote: "Lunch break I sit down on my sled, eating my chocolate looking out on the frozen sea horizon. And I feel a bit sad, my eyes don't want to stop resting on that beautiful view and I don't want it to be over. Before we started, 80 days sounded like such a long time, now it's behind me, but most of all with me. And to be honest I wouldn't mind continuing further, staying out here longer. And I can see that the others also are a bit melancholic. But then, as though sent from above, a skidoo turns up at our side and towards us comes Dave Reed, telling us he has something for us...and all of a sudden our chocolate eating is turned into a fresh fruit fiesta! What a man! Knowing exactly what we have been longing for. And then after meeting all these wonderful people from Pond Inlet, and having tasted fresh food after 50 days of just freeze-dried, I'm excited about reaching Pond Inlet. And of course it will be nice to get my misshapen aching feet out of the ski boots, and finally being able to brush my teeth with toothpaste. We lost our only tube 2 weeks ago! And some singing birds tell us that there's pizza waiting for us when we arrive."

The four girls arrived at Pond Inlet on 31st May, preceded by Dave Reed, a local Inuit, who having heard they were due to arrive soon, had come out the day before to meet them on his skidoo carrying a few kilos of fresh fruit on the baggage carrier... His foray out of town also enabled him to tell them that the entire town was impatiently waiting for them to arrive.

Then, all that was left for the Baffin Babes to do was make their way round the mountain and descend towards the first houses. And by all accounts, there was a big party at Pond Inlet.

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