Visiting Narssaq

Published on 31.07.2011 - Avannaq 2011

Everywhere they make a stopover, members of Avannaq crew like to go and visit the old Norse archaeologogical sites. A way to establish even more positive links between two civilizations.

Excerpts of their blog  : " Our port of call in Narssaq imposed a walk to Dyrnæs, the site of the old Norse ruins, some miles in the north of the town. At least the oldest dated Norse farm built at the end of the 10th century placed after a carbon 14 analysis. There, lost in the bottom of a large green colored bay, where growlers help to remind that we are still in Greenland, only some stones scattered around, still draw the farm, church and bevaring houses ground work.

Starting the visit of Norsemen settlements by Narssaq is a good idea. Just behind the small fishing harbour, the only certified earlier Norse ruin is still visible. Recently archeologist discovered a number of artefacts referred to viking period. The quality of this standard allows to speculate that it was probably a family of rank as the wast of clothes showed some worked out ornements and also some buffalos hairs. Funny to imagine that they may be came from America into the bagages of Eric the Red's son, Leif Erikson, after the discovery of America in the late 10th century. In the dwelling house of the farm naked eyes can see the remains of 2 constructions as a very well preserved of stones channels for carrying water. The discovery of these ground work inspired restauration work helped by the EU's Northern Periphery Programme, a good source to discover some relevant links to several Vikings websites proper to the North Atlantic area.
As a Marine Painter for the Royal Danish Navy, Pierre Auzias decided to ask the permission for Avannaq and her crew to land to Grønnedal Marine Fleet Station and as accepted we went into the naval station the 28th of July kl.1.00 after a beautiful 100 miles sailing between Narssaq and Arsuk into the well protected channels.
After several reportages some years ago into this area on board of the Royal Danish Navy ships, Pierre has been very happy to find back a deal of his earlier companions as to salute the Rear Amiral Henrik B. Kudsk, Chef for the Command of Greenland which hospitality and friendship deep touched all of us.
We went there for a big walk to rebuilt our legs looking after muskox that we call here "Hippie cows". As the seatrouts started to approach the rivers to lay their eggs, it have been very easy to catch just the right number we needed for the dinner. An unforgetable nec plus ultra.
Avannaq will sail to-morrow to Arsuk on her way to Paamiut before to sail to Nuuk if the weather stays favorable. It seems that a late arctic summer is showing up."


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