This section is featuring the latest news regarding adventure in the polar regions and from the expeditions we are following closely.

  • Baffin Babes : Back from Paradise

    Published on 25.11.2012 - 2012 South Georgia (K.F. Olsen with M. & V. Simmonsson)

    The three Baffin Babes, Kristin Folsland, Olsen Emma Simmonsson and Vera Simmonsson are now back from South Georgia.

  • Arctic Return: A true adventure

    Published on 03.11.2012 - Arctic Return Adventure Tour

    The Arctic Return expedition is a quite important one, because first, Audun Tholfsen and Timo Palo reached the Svalbard archipelago from North Pole, and second because they have drawn an itinerary that famous explorer Fridtjof Nansen could have taken if he had not been forced to abandon his trek to the North Pole.

  • Polar Explorers: How do they dress themselves ?

    Published on 30.10.2012 - The Coldest Journey (Sir Ranulph Fiennes & Team)

    We have seldom the opportunity to analyse in detail how all these polar adventurers/explorers dress themselves for their long trek on the ice. This time Fiennes' website has published a quite interesting article about the basic clothing of such an expedition.

  • The Babes are on the field already

    Published on 28.10.2012 - 2012 South Georgia (K.F. Olsen with M. & V. Simmonsson)

    The three Baffin Babes left the Falklands Island on 14 October. They touched South Georgia four days later, after having vomited two days in a row. 

  • Few people, many challenges

    Published on 25.10.2012 - General Info

    With so many people being at the South Pole (SP) last year for the Centenary, we could expect to see much fewer people trying to reach it this coming season. Indeed they are few expeditions going to the Antarctic this winter (austral summer). Nevertheless, some of them are quite fascinating.

  • Antarctic expeditions coming soon

    Published on 24.10.2012 - General Info

    Dear polar followers, for the present time we are preparing the antarctic season and its related expeditions. 

  • Ranulph Fiennes visits ExploraPoles HQ

    Published on 12.10.2012 - The Coldest Journey (Sir Ranulph Fiennes & Team)

    Legendary polar explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes dropped by the ExploraPoles HQ today, to meet up with our own Alain Hubert. Sr Ranulph is currently preparing for a major polar challenge: The Coldest Journey on Earth, which will see him and five companions attempt to cross Antarctica in winter. 

  • Better guides, better guiding

    Published on 13.07.2012 - General Info

    The International Polar Guides Association (IPGA) has just been launched by professional polar guides. Its mission is to facilitate the development and preservation of high quality professional guiding in polar ice environments. 

  • 20 days on the Arctic ice pack

    Published on 07.07.2012 - Expédition Pôle Nord 2012

    Having been dropped on 4 April at the North Pole, the two frenchmen came back on land on 24 April. According to the protagonists, the scientific programm has been unfolded as planned.

  • Finally dropped at the North Pole

    Published on 08.04.2012 - Expédition Pôle Nord 2012

    Alan Le Tressoler and Julien Gabon had to wait fourteen days in Longyearbyen before flying to the Pole. On Wednesday 4 April, the landing strip the Russian were preparing at NP was finally ready and the russian plane Antonov could leave the Svalbard.

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