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  • End of the 2011-12 Antarctic Season

    Published on 04.02.2012 - General Info

    This last post about the abandon of the Belgians puts an end to our coverage of the 2011-12 Antarctic Season. We have followed 25 expeditions and sometimes more. We are aware that there were many more people on the field. Beginning with some Norwegians and tourists who have travelled to the SP -mainly covering the last two degrees- just to assist to the commemoration on both the 14 December and 17 January. But it was quite impossible for us to follow more than 25 teams.

  • Belgians Dixie & Sam Are Out

    Published on 04.02.2012 - Antarctic Ice Expedition

    Belgians Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour have decided to give up their wind propelled adventure. Their communiqué says that the approaching winter weather brings increasingly unstable conditions. At this moment their current location still guarantees a safe pickup.

  • Almost flying over the ice

    Published on 01.02.2012 - Antarctic Ice Expedition

    With the triple digits distances done almost every day since a week now, Belgians Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour have succeeded to break the world record of the longest distance established in Antarctica.

  • Cas & Jonesy : A Great Success

    Published on 27.01.2012 - Cas & Jonesy : Crossing the Ice

    Australian Justin Jones and James Castrission Have finally arrived at Hercules Inlet just before the closing of the ALE 2011-12 season. They bring a world first back home.

  • A. Gamme : he touched the goal too !

    Published on 25.01.2012 - Antarctica 2011- 2012

    Great victory for Norwegian Tour Operator Aleksander Gamme also : he has arrived at Hercules Inlet the same day as the pair Copeland/McNair (24 January). But surprisingly neither pair Copeland/McNair nor Gamme speaks about each other's arrival.

  • Copeland & McNair : finally, they made it on time to Hercules Inlet…

    Published on 25.01.2012 - Antarctica 2011-12 Legacy Crossing

    Great success for pair Copeland - McNair : they finally arrived on time at Hercules Inlet after being tentbounded for 72 hours three days ago. Thanks to the the winds that have been favorable these last days. Thanks also to the awesome courage and abiding determination of both explorers during the entire voyage.

  • Copeland & McNair : Hopeful Again…

    Published on 24.01.2012 - Antarctica 2011-12 Legacy Crossing

    The pair Copeland/McNair has finally touched good winds (or vice versa) and could cover 367 kilometers the last two days. The are now at 230 kil from Hercules Inlet. If they find good winds today or tomorrow, this distance is doable in one day...

  • Helen Skelton made it to the Pole

    Published on 24.01.2012 - Helen’s Polar Challenge (Ski, Kite & Bike)

    Young BBC presenter Helen Skelton has arrived at the South Pole Amundsen Scott American base on 22 January before noon.

  • A Question of Kilometers

    Published on 23.01.2012 - Antarctic Ice Expedition

    Belgians Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour are back to the triple digits distances. This brings them to talk about quadruple digits distances. A titan voyage !

  • The remaining five : Copeland & McNair, Gamme and Cas & Jonesy

    Published on 23.01.2012 - General Info

    For these remaining five expeditioners, the news are not that good. We have no news from pair Copeland/McNair. the Aussies are still a bit far. And as far as Norwegian Gamme is concerned, he has the last mountain range in sight. But has almost no food left in the sledge.

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