Polar Expeditions

This website aims at covering polar expeditions by publishing an introdution and linking to the official expedition website. Major expeditions are followed-up more closely through regularly published news, pictures galleries and multimedia files.

  • Arctic Return Adventure Tour

    Arctic Return Adventure Tour

    success - from 28.06.2012 to

    This adventure is based on the Fridtjof Nansen/Fram odyssey -if the famous Norwegian explorer had reached the North Pole with his companion Hjalmar Johansen, he surely would have decided to proceed to Spitzbergen. That's the route Norwegian Audun Tholfsen and his Estonian friend Timo Palo want to try. To try the historical plan what never became completed. 

  • North Pole 2012

    North Pole 2012

    abandoned - from 15.03.2012 to

    Norwegian adventurers Mads Agerup & Rune Midtgaard plan to reach the North Pole unsupported and unassisted from the Canadian coastline in approximately 30 days. If the objective is reached, the expedition will be the fastest team ever to trek unsupported from the Canadian coastline to the North Pole.

  • Expédition Pôle Nord 2012

    Expédition Pôle Nord 2012

    ongoing - from 14.03.2012 to

    This team of two people (Le Tressoler and Cabon) aims to be the first inhabitants of the North Pole. They plan to stay six weeks in the area and will travel every day away from the Pole, coming back to their base camp every night. After having made various scientific measurements and observation during the day.

  • 90° North Pole (Yasunaga Ogita)

    90° North Pole (Yasunaga Ogita)

    abandoned - from 12.03.2012 to

    Japanese skier Tae-Young Yasunaga Ogita (35 ans) is trying to reach North Pole leaving from Ward Hunt (Ellesmere Island), solo and unsupported.

  • Irish North Pole 2012

    Irish North Pole 2012

    abandoned - from 10.03.2012 to

    Irish adventurers Mike O' Shea and Clare O' Leary want to become the first Irish people to travel on foot to the Geographical North Pole. They have decided to depart from the classical starting point, the northern coast of Ellesmere Island, Ward Hunt.

  • Indian Army at the North Pole

    Indian Army at the North Pole

    postponed - from 10.03.2012 to

    After having summitted four eight thousanders and scaled seven out of nine available peaks, after having conquered the South Pole last year (15 January 2011), The Indian Army is undertaking yet another ‘First Indian’ Ski Expedition -to North Pole this time. As usual, Lieutenant Colonel Anand Swaroop is leading the group.

  • North Pole Expedition : Six Ordinary Men

    North Pole Expedition : Six Ordinary Men

    scheduled - from 14.02.2012 to

    Nigel Warwick and Brian Amos are aiming to organize a trek to the North Pole with the theme 'Ordinary Men doing Extraordinary Things'. They just want to raise funds for the children’s medical research charity, Sparks. Their target is £ 250k.

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