Polar Expeditions

This website aims at covering polar expeditions by publishing an introdution and linking to the official expedition website. Major expeditions are followed-up more closely through regularly published news, pictures galleries and multimedia files.

  • The Northern Passage 2010

    The Northern Passage 2010

    success - from 20.06.2010 to 20.09.2010

    This summer, Borge Ousland is going to attempt to pull off the feat of circumnavigating the Arctic Ocean by successively taking the North-East and the North-West passages. He will be sailing with a skipper aboard a light trimaran, a Corsair 31, and will be accompanied by a Russian for the NE passage and probably by a Frenchman for the NW passage.

  • The Great Drift

    The Great Drift

    abandoned - from 07.06.2010 to

    Four voluntary shipwrecked men are going try to live unsupported for more than a month on a drifting block of polar pack ice that is melting beneath their feet... The objective of this adventure: to preserve the memory of this environment so clearly condemned to disappear.

  • Generali Arctic Observer

    Generali Arctic Observer

    success - from 11.04.2010 to 25.05.2010

    Jean-Louis Etienne is aiming to fly over the Arctic Ocean aboard a helium-and-air balloon. "This," he says, "will be part three of my trilogy of solo expeditions to the North Pole..."

  • Northpolechallenge.co.uk


    success - from 21.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    Amelia Russell (27) and Dan Darley (33) are two young elite athletes with a passion for rowing and outdoor sports (skiing and cycling). They are attempting the trek from Cape Discovery (83° 01' N / 74° 25' W, their departure point) to the North Pole, without outside assistance.

  • Ice Dreams

    Ice Dreams

    abandoned - from 20.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    Two young Canadians are attempting to repeat the feat achieved by three Canadian pioneers when they crossed Greenland in 1995.

  • Under the Pole.com

    Under the Pole.com

    success - from 17.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    The submarine Under The Pole expedition is something of an unusual human adventure that will reveal the underwater face of the sea-ice at the North Pole, a hidden world that remains little known because it is so difficult to access.

  • Save the Poles

    Save the Poles

    success - from 16.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    Since last November, Eric Larsen has been involved in a bid to reach all three Poles in under 365 days. He began by trekking to the South Pole last January (with two clients) and this Arctic spring, he is embarking on a trip to the North Pole from Ward Hunt.

  • Icecap Journeys

    Icecap Journeys

    success - from 15.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    This expedition to the North Pole is part of an initiative by the Australian Linda Beilharz, who aims to cross the planet's four most extensive icecaps: North Pole, South Pole, Greenland and Patagonia.

  • The big Nail

    The big Nail

    abandoned - from 15.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    After making his first attempt in 2008, the Italian Michele Portrandolfo is again setting out to complete the classic route from Ward Hunt to the North Pole -solo and without any outside assistance.

  • Richard Weber North Pole Expedition

    Richard Weber North Pole Expedition

    success - from 15.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    The well-known Canadian explorer, Richard Weber, is setting out for the 7th time on an expedition to the North Pole. This time around, he will be accompanied by his son and two other adventurers.

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