Polar Expeditions

This website aims at covering polar expeditions by publishing an introdution and linking to the official expedition website. Major expeditions are followed-up more closely through regularly published news, pictures galleries and multimedia files.

  • One Man Epic Mission North Pole

    One Man Epic Mission North Pole

    abandoned - from 15.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    The Australian Tom Smitheringale is attempting to complete the route between McClintock Island and the North Pole, solo and without outside assistance (such as using traction kites).

  • North Pole 2010 Expedition, The Science and The Team

    North Pole 2010 Expedition, The Science and The Team

    ongoing - from 15.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    According to Antony Jinman himself, the expedition that he will be undertaking to the North Pole this spring 2010 is his most important adventure to date. Jinman is one of the few Britons ever to have taken on this particular challenge.

  • The Ice Warrior Arctic Pole Expedition 2010

    The Ice Warrior Arctic Pole Expedition 2010

    postponed - from 15.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    Jim McNeill and his team of non-professionals are attempting to reach the most remote point on the whole of the Arctic coastline, a place known by some as the North Pole of Inaccessibility.

  • North 2

    North 2

    postponed - from 14.03.2010 to 10.05.2010

    This is not the first time that the Britisher Ben Saunders has set out to break the speed record on the Ward Hunt/North Pole trek. After his failure in 2008, he's trying again...

  • North Pole Solo 2010

    North Pole Solo 2010

    abandoned - from 12.03.2010 to 10.06.2010

    Christina Franco, the British adventurer (44), is back -she, who among other campaigns, also aims to defend the cause of the African rhinoceros! She failed in her previous attempt in 2009, saying that she would try again. And now here she is again!

  • Catlin Arctic Survey - 2

    Catlin Arctic Survey - 2

    ongoing - from 01.03.2010 to 30.05.2010

    Under the impetus of Pen Hadow, the new Catlin expedition (see details of the previous Catlin venture) will be focusing this time on the effects that carbon dioxide is having on the Arctic Ocean The aim is to cover around 500 km on the sea-ice.

  • The Irish North Pole 2010

    The Irish North Pole 2010

    abandoned - from 01.03.2010 to 10.03.2010

    Irishman Pat Falvey is attempting the trek between Ward Hunt and the North Pole with two companions, Dr Clare O'Leary and John Dowd, both of whom are also Irish.

  • Polar Flight 90

    Polar Flight 90

    postponed - from 10.02.2010 to 20.04.2010

    Veteran Art Mortvedt is looking to achieve the South Pole/North Pole double this spring by attempting to reach the geographic North Pole from Alaska via the Canadian Far North aboard his single-engined aircraft.

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