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This website aims at covering polar expeditions by publishing an introdution and linking to the official expedition website. Major expeditions are followed-up more closely through regularly published news, pictures galleries and multimedia files.

  • Tara Arctic

    Tara Arctic

    success - from 01.09.2006 to

    The French schooner, Tara, has been assigned a great polar challenge: to drift on the Arctic pack ice for two years, starting September 2006, and while so doing, celebrate the IPY (International Polar Year). On board, scientists take turns studying the effects of global warming.

  • One World Expedition

    One World Expedition

    success - from 01.05.2006 to 01.07.2006

    Second attempt. Late April 2006, Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen embark on a summer expedition. Ward Hunt - North Pole - Cape Moris Jessup, Greenland. The Arctic Ocean is mysterious the body of water and ice that physically connects all regions of the Earth. Traditionally, Arctic Ocean expeditions have been launched during the coldest time of year while the ice is still thick and stable. Over time, many polar expeditions have been planned and completed. Yet freeze-thaw conditions, dangerous shifting ice floes, slush and melt water pools continued to prevent even the most experienced explorers from attempting a summer North…

  • North Pole Classic Expedition 2006

    North Pole Classic Expedition 2006

    success - from 06.03.2006 to 26.04.2006

    Conrad Dickinson & Richard Weber aim to ski from Ward Hunt Island, to the North Pole, a distance of 775 kilometres in approximately 55 days. They aim to achieve this the hard way, unsupported.

  • The Arctic crossing expedition 2006

    The Arctic crossing expedition 2006

    abandoned - from 03.03.2006 to 09.06.2006

    Jean-Gabriel Leynaud and Bettina Aller will be flown up to the northern Siberia (Cap Arktichesky), now in February month.The aim is to cross the Arctic Ocean on skies with everything we need after us in our pulkas (sledges.) We will start from Russia, ski to the North pole, and continue further on to Canada.

  • Mission 1: Top of the World

    Mission 1: Top of the World

    abandoned - from 03.03.2006 to 08.06.2006

    In February 2006, Adventure Ecology launched its 1st expedition: Mission 1 "Top of the World". Their challenge is to traverse the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada via the North Pole to highlight the issues that surround climate change and its worldwide effects in particular on Polar regions.

  • The 4 North Poles Expedition: Ice Warrior

    The 4 North Poles Expedition: Ice Warrior

    abandoned - from 21.02.2006 to 27.04.2006

    The 4 North Poles Expedition : Ice Warrior is a long term project encompassing all those gutsy, traditional aspects of pioneering that were present during the days of the Golden Era of exploration but brings them into the 21stcentury.

  • NOA - North Pole Expedition

    NOA - North Pole Expedition

    postponed - from 06.02.2006 to

    The NOA-North Pole Expedition is the first step of his greater dream of Georges Baumann: to cross the Arctic and Antarctic by foot while linking the two Poles on board a sailing boat.

  • North Pole Winter Expedition 2006

    North Pole Winter Expedition 2006

    success - from 18.01.2006 to 23.03.2006

    In mid January the two well-known explorers, Mike Horn and Borge Ousland, will be heading off on the first-ever attempt to arrive at the North Pole during the winter. This involves a 1000 Km walk on skis from the northernmost point of Siberia to the 99th latitude during the darkest and coldest months of the year. They believe it will take 67 days to arrive at the North Pole and that they can get there before the sun rises over the horizon.

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