TransAntartika 2011

Three basque professional alpine style cimbers have decide to take a break in their alpinist carreer. They want to try an 'horizontal ascent' in Antartica.


Below are all the news we published about the TransAntartika 2011 expedition

  • Great Victory for the Basque Climbers

    Published on 12.01.2012

    The three Basque climbers Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Vallejo and Mikel Zabalza are the first expeditioners to arrive at Hercules Inlet on 9 January after a 3.400 kil journey. From Novolazarekskaya to HI passing through the South Pole. A brand new itinerary as well.

  • The Basque Team : almost flying home

    Published on 08.01.2012

    The three basque climbers are ski/kiting quite fast on the way back to Hercules Inlet. On 6 January, they have no more than 430 kil to go.

  • The Basque Team : Arrival at South Pole

    Published on 02.01.2012

    29 December, 10 am UTC. The Basque team has finally made it to the South Pole. They have decided to proceed with their adventure and to try to reach the Union Glacier ALE base camp before 26 January.

  • Basque Trio : Cruising Speed Reached

    Published on 26.12.2011

    Despite a terrain that continues to be the worst ever, everything is OK for the Basque Trio. Even with such a bad surface, they have broken their own record last Thursday with 155 km in 11 hours.

  • Meteorologists are now part of the game

    Published on 22.12.2011

    The Basque trio is kiting with the wind, thanks to Gert Coone their belgian hydro-meteorologist who keeps them informed about the atmospheric depressions that may interfere with their daily courses.

  • The Basque team : Not much wind gives poor progression

    Published on 19.12.2011

    Despite the poor wind conditions, the Basque trio has still a lot to do : 800 km to reach SP (latest news on 17 December) and 1.200 to reach Union Glacier ALE base camp.

  • Basque trio is forced to reduce speed…

    Published on 13.12.2011

    The Basque trio is starting to fly over the ice (133 km on 11 December). But due to dangerous sastrugis fields, they are obliged to reduce their speed.

  • Waiting desperately for the wind

    Published on 09.12.2011

    The three basque climbers never thouhgt before arriving in Antarctica that they were going to be so depending upon the winds.

  • “MaƱana Mas y Mejor…” (Tomorrow More and Better)

    Published on 06.12.2011

    Not many news coming from the Basque climbers. One certainty though : they never thought that their 'horizontal ascent' was going to be so hard !

  • To scale back to their original goals

    Published on 02.12.2011

    Due to extreme furious weather conditions, the three basque climbers had to scale back to their original plans. No more climb of any granite peaks in sight and concentrating oneself on the main target of the expediion, the South Pole.

  • A basque sled falls down a crevasse !

    Published on 24.11.2011

    First serious setback for the three basque climbers : one of their sled falls down a deep crevasse.

  • “The conditions we face are terrible…”

    Published on 22.11.2011

    Since two days, the basque trio has to face terrible weather conditions. Going out of the tent is quite impossible...

  • Tough start for the Basque team

    Published on 19.11.2011

    Quite difficult terrain conditions for the three Basque climbers. It seems that the 'Horizontal Climbing' has really begun.

  • The three basque climbers are on the ice

    Published on 17.11.2011

    The three basque climbers who are attempting an original crossing of the Antarctic (Novolazarevskaia > Hercules Inlet) just left the russian base.

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