Helen’s Polar Challenge (Ski, Kite & Bike)

BBC TV "Blue Peter" young presenter Helen Skelton (28) has decided to become the first person ever to reach the South Pole using skis, kites and a bike to get there.


Below are all the news we published about the Helen’s Polar Challenge (Ski, Kite & Bike) expedition

  • Helen Skelton made it to the Pole

    Published on 24.01.2012

    Young BBC presenter Helen Skelton has arrived at the South Pole Amundsen Scott American base on 22 January before noon.

  • Helen thinks she is going to make it

    Published on 22.01.2012

    With under 50 miles to go, Young BBC presenter Helen Skelton is confident for the rest of her trip. She is learning quickly and has well overcome the difficulties of such a trek.

  • Skelton : Half way point reached

    Published on 14.01.2012

    BBC TV Blue Peter Presenter Helen Skelton and her mate Niklas are heading towards the South Pole. They reached the half way point on 10 January.

  • Helen Skelton : Her Mileage is Slowly Improving…

    Published on 11.01.2012

    BBC TV presenter Helen Skelton seems to get accustomed dribs and drabs to the snow and ice conditions. Her mileage is slowly improving...

  • Funny start for Helen, the BBC presenter

    Published on 06.01.2012

    The first day of the trip, young Helen Skelton realizes that biking in the snow would be a difficult exercice. Who could have guessed such a statement ?

  • Helen Skelton needs a strategy to reach the Pole !

    Published on 02.01.2012

    The young BBC TV presenter has arrived in Novolazarevskaya. Because she has never been in Antarctica before, she has to get accustomed to the harsh conditions of the 6th Continent. "My God, I'll need a strategy for reaching the Pole !" she said.

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