The Coldest Journey (Sir Ranulph Fiennes & Team)

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is back in the Antarctic for a world first. He will lead a team of explorers to conquer the last great polar challenge: crossing the Antarctic in winter.


Below are all the news we published about the The Coldest Journey (Sir Ranulph Fiennes & Team) expedition

  • Interview: Ranulph Fiennes plans historic Antarctic winter crossing

    Published on 19.02.2013

    As the first person to visit both the North and South Poles by surface means, as well as the first to cross Antarctica on foot, British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is no stranger to setting new world records. Soon to turn 69, Sir Ranulph is currently on an expedition to accomplish a another world first: he and the rest of his six-member team will spend six months crossing the entire continent during the austral winter.  Dubbed The Coldest Journey, this expedition will be the first attempt at crossing the entire continent of Antarctica during the winter, when there is no…

  • First mission : Depot on the plateau (Coldest Journey)

    Published on 18.02.2013

    Before the real start of the expedition (21 March), the team has an important mission : to leave with all the vehicles and the material towards the Antarctic plateau in order to make a fuel deposit far from the coast.

  • Latest from Fiennes’ Coldest Journey

    Published on 29.01.2013

    Fiennes' important expedition is almost ready to start. The ship SA Agulhas with tons of material on board arrived at Crown Bay on 21 January.  On 30 January, they were almost finished with the unloading of all the expedition's material and more than 400 drums of fuel.

  • Fienne’s Coldest Journey : Sailing towards Cape Town

    Published on 26.12.2012

    Although the team is not on the spot yet, 'The Coldest Journey' has already begun with the transportation on board SA Agulhas of all the expedition material to Antarctica.

  • Testing is an important step (Fiennes)

    Published on 26.11.2012

    One seldom speaks about the preparation of the polar expeditions. Nevertheless these long years dedicated to the finalising of the material are of the highest importance for the success of the project. Here, the testing of The Coldest Journey' material. 

  • Polar Explorers: How do they dress themselves ?

    Published on 30.10.2012

    We have seldom the opportunity to analyse in detail how all these polar adventurers/explorers dress themselves for their long trek on the ice. This time Fiennes' website has published a quite interesting article about the basic clothing of such an expedition.

  • Ranulph Fiennes visits ExploraPoles HQ

    Published on 12.10.2012

    Legendary polar explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes dropped by the ExploraPoles HQ today, to meet up with our own Alain Hubert. Sr Ranulph is currently preparing for a major polar challenge: The Coldest Journey on Earth, which will see him and five companions attempt to cross Antarctica in winter. 

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The Coldest Journey (Sir Ranulph Fiennes & Team)

Antarctic 2012-2013 - ongoing

25.10.2012 -

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is back in the Antarctic for a world first. He will lead a team of explorers to conquer…

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