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The submarine Under The Pole expedition is something of an unusual human adventure that will reveal the underwater face of the sea-ice at the North Pole, a hidden world that remains little known because it is so difficult to access.


Below are all the news we published about the Under the Pole.com expedition

  • Success For ‘Deepsea Under The Pole’

    Published on 07.01.2011

    Last spring, we followed the Ghislain Bardout 'Deepsea Under The Pole by Rolex' Expedition. We are returning to it for a moment because of the success that this unprecedented adventure has had now that it has taken place.

  • Everyone home safe and sound

    Published on 17.05.2010

    The operation to pick up Ghislain Bardout's team all went according to plan. It was with no particular hitches and a great deal of nostalgia that the 8 participants of Deep Sea Under The Pole.com finally took their leave of the environment and surroundings that have held them in thrall for so long.

  • It appears that the operation to pick up Bardout and his team has been a success

    Published on 12.05.2010

    We still haven't received the very latest news about how things went, but by yesterday afternoon, the Twin Otter from Kenn Borek Air Ltd had managed to collect half of the team.

  • Bardout : The flight plan for picking up his team

    Published on 10.05.2010

    The pilots at Kenn Borek Air Ltd have finally decided on the way they will go about picking up the eight men from Ghislain Bardout's expedition team and all their diving equipment.

  • An inescapable trend - with all due respect to the climatosceptics!

    Published on 06.05.2010

    We are taking advantage an article published in the website of Ghislain Bardout and his "Deep Sea Under The Pole.com" expedition to draw everyone's attention to the trend of the ice of the Arctic icecap -and this, in relation to our previous article- "As they wait to be picked up, they continuer to dive..."

  • As they wait to be picked up, they continue to dive

    Published on 05.05.2010

    The operation to collect Ghislain Bardout and his companions appears to be far from straightforward. And as the pilots at Ken Borek's airline company continue to analyse the situation, the members of Bardout's expedition continue to dive beneath the ice.

  • Bardout : Tension Mounts…

    Published on 30.04.2010

    Ghislain Bardout and his partners in crime have decided that the adventure would be shorter than planned. The icecap is too dislocated to envisage continuing and getting themselves picked up at a later date. So the pick-up has to be organised. But with which plane?

  • Bardout and His Divers : Change of Programme

    Published on 24.04.2010

    Ghilslain Bardout and his colleagues of the Deepsea under the pole.com expedition are gradually begin to realise that their progress is too slow for them to think of reaching Ward Hunt and the Canadian shore. So they will have to be recovered.

  • A More Than Fascinating Milieu

    Published on 21.04.2010

    The expedition run by the Frenchman, Ghislain Bardout, is continuing without let or hindrance. After receiving their first resupply, they set off towards Ward Hunt while all the time looking for good places for diving and stopping there as and when necessary.

  • At the dive site

    Published on 13.04.2010

    Ghislain Bardout's team has finally arrived at its second dive site. The scheduled resupply drop has also gone well.

  • Ten days to get into their stride

    Published on 07.04.2010

    Ghislain Bardout's team is gradually getting used to the cold, wind and jumbled, chaotic sea-ice that takes on a different appearance every day -oh, and the drift!

  • The First Dives Beneath The Pack Ice

    Published on 02.04.2010

    Already two dives taking place in the five days since Ghislain Bardout's team was deposited in the vicinity of the North Pole. And 18.5 kilometres covered.

  • Dropped off at the North Pole

    Published on 29.03.2010

    The team from the UnderThePole.com expedition was dropped off at the North Pole by Kenn Borek's logistics people on Friday 26th March and have already set out on their trek, to the South this time.

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