Mars North Pole Solo

In March 2007, British female explorer Rosie Stancer will fly to Ward Hunt Island on the northern tip of Canada and set off on her epic journey across the frozen Arctic Ocean. She wants to be the first woman in the world to walk solo to the North Pole.


Below are all the news we published about the Mars North Pole Solo expedition

  • Stancer Forced to Give Up

    Published on 31.05.2007

    On May 28th, British woman Rosie Stancer, while attempting to reach the North Pole solo, was forced to abandon her expedition.

  • Only A Hundred Miles To Go

    Published on 23.05.2007

    Rosie Stancer has passed the point of the last 100 nautical miles (1.852 km) to go to reach the North Pole.

  • Flashes of light and olfactory hallucinations

    Published on 07.05.2007

    Having struggled to reach latitude 87, Rosie Stancer continues to suffer. She reports that the ice is truly dreadful this year. Nonetheless, she remains in good spirits and her excellent sense of British humour is still intact...

  • Despite awful conditions, R. Stancer keeps moving

    Published on 27.04.2007

    After her first resupply, briton Rosie Stancer keeps moving towards North Pole despite the frightful ice and weather conditions she has to cope with. As she received her first resupply, her sledge is also a lot heavier.

  • Conditions improve for Stancer

    Published on 21.04.2007

    Over the past few days, conditions have improved somewhat for the Briton in terms of making progress. All of a sudden she is moving more quickly.

  • “She sunk to her waist in the water…”

    Published on 10.04.2007

    Just as the other expedition covering the same trek, Rosie Stancer has had to face a big storm.

  • The Wizard of Oz

    Published on 31.03.2007

    Big troubles for Rosie who's been blocked by a storm and whose progress is too slow.

  • A real battle

    Published on 23.03.2007

    Even with the 63 km she has already accomplished since her departure, Rosie Stancer evidently finds herself in another chaotic ice zone.

  • Against all odds

    Published on 16.03.2007

    While Liv and Ann had to abandon their expedition due to serious frostbites, Rosie Stancer has had better chance. Despite the horrid progression conditions, she has gotten over the hurdle of the first few kilometres and is well on her way.

  • On the ice

    Published on 12.03.2007

    Rosie Stancer was dropped off in Ward Hunt on March 6th – together with the two explorers Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen.

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