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This website aims at covering polar expeditions by publishing an introdution and linking to the official expedition website. Major expeditions are followed-up more closely through regularly published news, pictures galleries and multimedia files.

  • Vanco Arctic Survey

    Vanco Arctic Survey

    postponed - from 15.02.2008 to 15.06.2008

    Next spring, the Vanco Arctic Survey Team consisting of the renowned british explorer and guide Pen Hadow, the equally famous polar explorer Ann Daniels and the photographer Martin Hartley, will be setting out on a 120-day crossing of the Arctic pack-ice, covering 2000 km. They will leave in February 2008 from Point Barrow in Alaska and aim to reach the North Pole by June.

  • ANI South Pole Quest 2007/08

    ANI South Pole Quest 2007/08

    success - from 05.12.2007 to 25.01.2008

    Having achieved Everest in 2006 and the North Pole last spring, Adrian Hayes now wants to pull off his third feat, the South Pole, in the course of the next southern summer.

  • The Larsen Iceshelf Expedition

    The Larsen Iceshelf Expedition

    success - from 05.12.2007 to 25.01.2008

    The adventurer, writer and film producer Jon Bowermaster is setting out to uncover what happened in March 2002 when a huge section of the Larsen Ice Shelf, the size of Luxembourg, gradually broke away from the eastern coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

  • Optical Express South Pole Challenge

    Optical Express South Pole Challenge

    success - from 05.12.2007 to 25.01.2008

    Two young adventurers, the British Cameron Hudson and the American John Huston, are going to attempt the traditional Hercules Inlet - South Pole trek. They want to help the visually impaired by supporting various associations such as the 'Guide Dogs for the Blind', the 'International Glaucoma Association (IGA)' and the 'Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)'

  • Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition 2007

    Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition 2007

    success - from 05.12.2007 to 20.01.2008

    The Fuchs Foundation would like to inspire future younger generations by sending young teachers into the Polar Regions so that they can carry out scientific projects in situ, and therefore in a hostile environment.

  • Sub-Zero Antarctic Expedition

    Sub-Zero Antarctic Expedition

    abandoned - from 05.12.2007 to 25.01.2008

    An American, Todd Carmichael, and a Briton, Jason De Carteret, are attempting the trek between Hercules Inlet and the South Pole.

  • OpĂ©ration Pole Sud

    Opération Pole Sud

    abandoned - from 05.12.2007 to 20.01.2008

    The Frenchman, Charles Hedrich, is making a completely unassisted solo attempt in the Antarctic next season, as well as trying for a new speed record. He should be leaving from Berkner Island on the edge of the Weddell Sea, aiming for the South Pole.

  • Beyond Endurance

    Beyond Endurance

    success - from 05.12.2007 to 20.01.2008

    This is Stage Two of an expedition of which the first part took place last year on South Georgia Island. The aim of these adventures: impress the Irish community throughout the world.

  • Interchange Shakleton South Pole Expedition 2007

    Interchange Shakleton South Pole Expedition 2007

    success - from 05.12.2007 to 25.01.2008

    Veteran polar explorer Doug Stoup plans to take two fellow adventurers along the route that the famous British explorer Sir Edward Shackleton would have taken to the South Pole if his sailing ship Endurance had not been wrecked in the Weddell Sea during his historic expedition in 1915.

  • Solo Around Antarctica

    Solo Around Antarctica

    ongoing - from 05.12.2007 to 25.01.2008

    Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov (born in 1951) is attempting to break the record for sailing solo around the entire continent of Antarctica.

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