Polar Expeditions

This website aims at covering polar expeditions by publishing an introdution and linking to the official expedition website. Major expeditions are followed-up more closely through regularly published news, pictures galleries and multimedia files.

  • SouthPole Quest

    SouthPole Quest

    success - from 22.12.2008 to

    In December 2008, three world-class adventurers will trek 680 miles (1094 kilometers), from Hercules Inlet to South Pole, self-supported, to the South Pole in a goal of under 40 days.

  • The last degree

    The last degree

    success - from 02.12.2008 to 25.12.2008

    The IceAxeTV company gives a number of people the opportunity to practise their polar skills out on the Antarctic icecap. It gives people the opportunity to complete a journey in the best possible conditions over the final one degree of latitude before reaching the South Pole (approximately 111 km).

  • Matrix Shackleton Centenary Expedition

    Matrix Shackleton Centenary Expedition

    success - from 15.11.2008 to 20.01.2009

    Six descendants of the famous British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton have decided to follow in the footsteps of their illustrious forebear and recreate in 2009 what was called the ‘Nimrod Expedition' back in 1909. Their aim is to finish off the job begun a century ago by the "Boss".

  • SoloAntarctica


    success - from 15.11.2008 to 20.01.2009

    A career soldier in Her Majesty's army, Mark Langridge is attempting the trek between Hercules Inlet and the South Pole, and then back again. He will be dropping off his own supplies for the return trip on the outward leg of the journey.

  • Transantarctic Expedition

    Transantarctic Expedition

    scheduled - from 15.11.2008 to 20.01.2009

    A group of "ordinary people with ordinary jobs" (as the press file puts it so well) is attempting to cross the continent from side to side using new methods of propulsion powered by biofuel., It is led by three polar region specialists, Andrew Regan, Andrew Moon and Jason de Carteret.

  • Finnish South Pole Expedition 2008

    Finnish South Pole Expedition 2008

    success - from 15.11.2008 to 20.01.2009

    The two Finnish adventurers, Kari Poppis Suomela and Pasi Ikonen, are attempting the classic trek between Hercules Inlet and the South Pole, without any outside assistance..

  • IceCold in Antarctica

    IceCold in Antarctica

    ongoing - from 15.11.2008 to 20.01.2009

    Here's another adventurous expedition for the tour operator ANI (Adventure Network International). This time, the five or six members of the expedition will be setting out from the Ronne Iceshelf (which has become known as the 'Messner Start') and heading for the South Pole. The polar adventurer, teacher and dog-musher Eric Larsen will be their guide.

  • Base to the South Pole

    Base to the South Pole

    success - from 15.11.2008 to 20.01.2009

    Led by their 24-year-old guide, Sarah McNair-Landry, four tourists are attempting what has become the classic Antarctic route between Hercules Inlet and the South Pole. Their names are Tom Davenport, Steven Gates, Kari Gundeso and Ross Maxwell.

  • Expedicion Caixanova 2008

    Expedicion Caixanova 2008

    ongoing - from 12.11.2008 to 15.01.2009

    After having achieved in becoming the first Spanish woman to conquer Mount Vinson, the mountaineer Chus Lago (Maria Jesus Lago Rey) has now set her hopes on completing the trek between Hercules Inlet and the South Pole, solo and unassisted.

  • The Finnish SP Solo Expedition

    The Finnish SP Solo Expedition

    ongoing - from 05.11.2008 to 25.01.2009

    Finnish Teemu Lakkasuo is trying to trek from Hercules Inlet to South Pole. Solo and unsupported.

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