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A longrun race on the ice

A longrun race on the ice

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TO Extreme World Race Ldt. organizes long survival endurance races all over the world. This winter they offer to compete on the Antarctic plateau : 704 km to run on the ice, between the crevasses, snow bridges and the sastrugis... So far 7 teams have registered.

As they mention on their leaflet, 'Extreme World Races' are pioneers of ultra-endurance, multi-disciplinary and extreme adventure sports in the most hostile environments of sea, land and air on the planet. Amongst the organizers, one finds big names of the polar adventure such as Conrad Dickinson, Felicity Aston or Tony Matin, the latter being the CEO of this Tour Operator.

For this special Centenary race, there are (or should be) seven teams on the ice :

  1. Team Centerpoint, with Andrew Carnie, a keen marathon runner who has participated to the North Pole Marathon in April 2010; Benjamin Thomas Jones Boyne, a passionate of the outdoors, kying and mountains climbing and Jason Alan Bolton of the Royal Army Medical Corps, feeling at home only in austere environments. (Centerpoint is a registered english charity based in London which launches campaigns to influence national and local government policy affecting homeless young people).
  2. Team EBB Paper (a families business selling paper), with Matt Eliot, working now in the families business and keen runner but complete polar novice, and Leonide Helene Schepers Menten, photographe, whose biggest dream is to participate to this South Pole Race
  3. Team Keep a Child Alive (a charity providing treatment, love and support to families affected by Hiv/Aids), with Gavin Moran, running for the present time a vineyard in France with his wife and three sons, Frank Runge, being currently investing in a wide range of projects that directly and indirectly create social wealth for different communities globally, and James Raaf, registered biokineticist (medical exercise rehabilitation specialist) based in Cape Town, but spending a large amount of his time travelling and working with all nationalities and families and individuals with specific needs. 
  4. Team Long Story Short, with Havard Svidal, loving montaineering and exploring the great nature,  Erlend Gray, another Norwegian who likes the outdoors both in winter and summer time, and Mathias Seim, working partly as a mountain guide without any polar experience.
  5. Team Mercury, with William John Fenton Morris, who has served in the british army for the past 20 years, Mark Stuart Morgan, also being in the army for long and having complete prestigious races such as the Marathon des Sables and the Yukon Arctic Ultra Race and Sean Mcllroy, 38, serving with the Royal Corps of Signals and raising money for the Army Benevolent Fund and Help for Heroes.
  6. Team Mission Possible, with Braam Malherbe who runs the race to raise funds for the Operation Smile SA, and Peter van Kets, having already rowed a few oceans and also running to raise funds for the same cause.
  7. Team SladenWoods, with James Mark, a keen and very competitive person both at work and throughout his sporting life, he can't wait to put the Union Jack at the South Pole, and Mark Woods, famous ex british swimmer.

Teams will be dropped at a distance of about 700 from the SP, after a flight coming from russian research base of Novolazarevskaya.

They'll have a mid-way checkpoint and the second and last leg of this run will be approximately 215 nautical miles - 398 km.

Race starts on 15 December 2011 and should end mid February 2012.



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