South Pole Race 2011/2012 Centenary Race

TO Extreme World Race Ldt. organizes long survival endurance races all over the world. This winter they offer to compete on the Antarctic plateau : 704 km to run on the ice, between the crevasses, snow bridges and the sastrugis... So far 7 teams have registered.


Below are all the news we published about the South Pole Race 2011/2012 Centenary Race expedition

  • EWR : The Race is On

    Published on 16.01.2012

    After all the protagonists got together at the start line located at about 700 kil from the South Pole, the EWR race is now on. Some participants had to give up already. BBC TV presenter Helen Skelton is followed by the EWR logistic. She is not racing with the others but still on the move to try to reach SP (see our coverage).

  • EWR Race is on

    Published on 08.01.2012

    On 3 January all the EWR staff and all the competitors were reunited at the place were the Centenary race was to begin (about 700 kil from the SP).

  • Gathering at the start line

    Published on 03.01.2012

    Coming from the South, coming from the North, coming from POI, all the EWR teams are slowly gathering at the start line of the race. The competitors are almost all there allready. Coming by plane from Novolazarevskaya.

  • Martin : “Mother Nature still has control .. like most women in the world !”

    Published on 25.12.2011

    CEO Tony Martin and his staff are for the moment at the South Pole (20 km away from the AS station), preparing the camp for the arrivals of the EWR competitors.

  • Back to the SP for EWR drivers.

    Published on 20.12.2011

    The three vehicles that have been from Novolazarevskaya to McMurdo are now back in SP. Rest of the EWR team at Novo is preparing the 100th Anniversary Race that was scheduled to start on 15 December.

  • Motorized Traverse Completed

    Published on 16.12.2011

    The three specially equiped cars under the leading of Tony Martin have reached the other side of the 6th Continent. They needed 23 days to complete the traverse.

  • Building an ice bar at South Pole

    Published on 10.12.2011

    EWR : Tony Martin's team together with guest from Think Global School have reached South Pole on 6 December fifteen days after having left Novolazarevskaya.

  • The EWR Martin’s vehicles have made it to the SP

    Published on 06.12.2011

    Having left the coast near Novolazarevskaia on 22 November, CEO Tony Martin and his three specially equiped vehicles have arrived at SP yesterday 5 December. It took 22 days to complete the distance.

  • Novolazarevskaia > McMurdo and back : by car !

    Published on 03.12.2011

    Tony Martin the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of TO Extremes World Races is undertaking a double traverse of the entire 6th Continent with three Toyota specially equiped cars.

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