Cas & Jonesy : Crossing the Ice

Two Australians Justin Jones and James Castrission will trek from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, without assistance of any kind. Their expedition will raise funds for 'You Can', a fundraising campaign to build specialized youth cancer centres across Australia.


Below are all the news we published about the Cas & Jonesy : Crossing the Ice expedition

  • Cas & Jonesy : A Great Success

    Published on 27.01.2012

    Australian Justin Jones and James Castrission Have finally arrived at Hercules Inlet just before the closing of the ALE 2011-12 season. They bring a world first back home.

  • Very tough last week for Aussies Cas & Jonesy

    Published on 22.01.2012

    Every day just gets harder and harder for Cas & Jonesy. Jonesy's legs and ankles keep getting worse, while Cas' lips are bleeding and he is hallucinating from exhaustion.

  • Fifty seconds are enough to inform

    Published on 15.01.2012

    Australian Justin Jones and James Castrission are fully exhausted and very very hungry. In order to get to HI on time (26 January), Aussies are obliged to cover more than a marathon each day...

  • Cas & Jonesy : Final pusch as well

    Published on 12.01.2012

    Just as the other expeditioners on the way to Hercules Inlet, Australian pair Justin Jones and James Castrission is rushing towards the shore (Hercules Inlet). On 10 January, they had still 733 kil to go.

  • Cas & Jonesy : things are very tight…

    Published on 08.01.2012

    Since turning around after their arrival at the SP, Australians Justin Jones and James Castrission have made good progress towards their final destination Hercules Inlet. But they start to be very tired indeed.

  • Cas and Jonesy : at the SP but still 1.100 km to go for the way back

    Published on 31.12.2011

    Aussies Justin Jones and James Castrission have arrived at the SP this morning after a 62 days trek. Now they still have to go back to Union Glacier but have only 28 days to cover the same distance...

  • Cas and Jonesy : Almost at SP

    Published on 30.12.2011

    By now, the Australian pair Justin Jones and James Castrission should have arrived at the SP. If not, they should be so close. But the expedition is not over yet. They still have to return to Union Glacier ALE base camp.

  • Cas & Jonesy : 963 km done, 176 km still to cover

    Published on 25.12.2011

    While getting each day closer to the SP, Aussies Justin Jones and James Castrission have still a lot of questions to put forward. They do not have every answer yet.

  • Highest spirit since the start

    Published on 19.12.2011

    Despite the fact that Aussies Justin Jones and James Castrission are rationing their food and have sleepless nights, they manage to do some excellent mileages. Therefore their spirits are at their highest !

  • Cas and Jonesy : Food rationing has begun

    Published on 13.12.2011

    As the Aussies Justin Jones and James Castrission are now racing the clock, they have also to started the food rationing quite early in the expedition.

  • A Plane in the Sky

    Published on 09.12.2011

    Both Cas and Jonesy are feeling a lot better mentally. But they start to feel an extreme fatigue straining strongly their body during the day as well as when laying in the tent.

  • Their pace has improved but the race against the clock remains…

    Published on 06.12.2011

    More than a week ago (on 28 December), we informed our visitors that for the Australian duo, time was becoming short. This problem is still relevant today.

  • Slowly recovering

    Published on 02.12.2011

    Because of a better weather these last days, the two Aussies have been able to ski beside each other and have a chat while skiing.

  • Starting thinking about the last flight out of Antarctica

    Published on 28.11.2011

    Aussies Justin Jones and James Castrission (Cas and Jonesy) say that their expedition has become a race against the clock.

  • Better weather helps the guys out

    Published on 22.11.2011

    After a quite bad start of the week with some equipment malfunctions, things started to improve a bit.

  • Exhausted and hungry

    Published on 19.11.2011

    A page of the expedition has been turned. It has finally stopped snowing which renders the ground more firm and they now are officially hungry at night !

  • Poor weather conditions

    Published on 15.11.2011

    Cas and Jonesy are both exhausted but are determined to make some good kilometres over the coming weeks.

  • Still tough conditions for Cas and Jonesy

    Published on 10.11.2011

    Aussies Justin Jones and James Castrission have still to face difficult weather and terrain conditions.

  • Taking every day as it comes.

    Published on 08.11.2011

    Because this part of the trek is quite a difficult one, both men have adopted a slow and steady approach of the journey.

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