Baffin Babes

For their own pleasure and satisfaction, Emma Simonsson (26, Sweden), Vera Simonsson (28, Sweden), Ingbjoerg Tollefsen (27, Norway) and Kristin Folsland Olsen (28, Norway) have deceided to go for an 80 days unusual trek on Baffin Island.


Below are all the news we published about the Baffin Babes expedition

  • They are in Pond Inlet

    Published on 02.06.2009

    Their 80-day adventure out on the ice of Baffin Island – as well as enjoying the grandiose spectacle of remote fjords – is now at an end. And the girls can look back on their expedition with great affection and a touch of nostalgia.

  • The four girls are nearing Pond Inlet

    Published on 27.05.2009

    Although they are nearing the end of their adventure, the girls are still having to contend with the difficult going, with frequent crevasse fields to negotiate and white-out conditions.

  • Four women in a seal hole

    Published on 19.05.2009

    The Baffin babes dared their friend Vera Simonsson to jump into a seal hole to have a wash (because she has been on and on about personal hygiene since the start of the expedition). Result: the four Baffin Babes all went in!

  • A travelling circus…

    Published on 11.05.2009

    Right in the middle of nowhere, out there somewhere in the wondrous icy Arctic landscape, the girls suddenly came across a travelling circus. In fact, it was the world's only Arctic circus! And they couldn't believe their eyes...

  • “The call of spring”

    Published on 04.05.2009

    The four Baffin Babes go on skying in the fjords. They enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the songs of the birds early in the morning.

  • Sick as dogs

    Published on 27.04.2009

    The four Baffin Babes are making slow progress in one of the most remote areas in the north of Baffin Island. And as they rounded a rocky outcrop, they met a very unusual Californian.

  • “It’s hard to believe the scenery is real…”

    Published on 21.04.2009

    The four friends in the Baffin Babes expedition did an excellent job building up their strength at Clyde River. Good food and dinner with the locals every evening. But they have been 'back into the wild' again since 14th April...

  • Clyde River: the whole team back together

    Published on 14.04.2009

    Norwegian Ingeboerg Tollefsen has rejoined her friends, who have just reached Clyde River and so have completed the first segment of their trip.

  • OK, girls, ready to dance ?

    Published on 06.04.2009

    The three girls are having the time of their lives over there on Baffin Island. The fourth member of the group, who is champing at the bit in Longyearbyen, has still not yet joined her companions.

  • The king and queen of the ice have finally shown themselves

    Published on 29.03.2009

    Emma, Kristin and Vera have seen their first polar bears. The sighting didn't phase them too much, but an encounter with an Austrian on the other hand...

  • “Inside my bra, between my boobs…”

    Published on 24.03.2009

    Three out of the four women have now set out from the small town of Qikiqtarjuaq, on the east coast of Baffin Island. The fourth is waiting in Longyearbyen on Svalbard until she feels better, acting as temporary HQ for the others.

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